Georgina, Raymond Gutierrez heckled at anti-pork rally


Posted at Aug 28 2013 02:43 AM | Updated as of Aug 29 2013 04:13 AM

Model Georgina Wilson (right) and TV host Isabelle Daza attend the anti-pork barrel rally at the Quirino Grandstand on Monday. -- Photo from Daza's Instagram page

MANILA -- A number of the anti-pork barrel protesters who gathered at Rizal Park Monday allegedly yelled "epal" at Richard Gutierrez and Georgina Wilson, with an eyewitness relating the reported booing that took place.

Gutierrez and Wilson, along with TV host Isabelle Daza, supposedly earned the ire of some participants of the rally when they arrived at Quirino Grandstand, according to a report published Tuesday on news website

"A handful of people also cried epal when they saw actors and TV hosts Richard Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Daza at Quirino Grandstand but the crowd did not join the shouting," said the report, which enumerated personalities seen at the event dubbed the "Million People March."

One of the protesters who was at the venue, Jeff Valisno, told on Tuesday that he witnessed the reaction among the other participants when the group of celebrities showed up at the event.

"Ang na-boo ay sina Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza, Raymond Gutierrez, (fashion designer) Rajo Laurel at 'yung partner niya," Valisno said.

Although Valisno said he did not see the group arrive and leave the protest, "I saw them sa grandstand area mga 10 a.m. Hindi naman malakas ang mga boo, pero obvious na marami ang naasar at nagparinig sa kanila."

According to Valisno, the group did not interact with the other participants at the anti-pork barrel rally. "May mga tao na nagsasabi na 'Ano ang ginagawa nila dito?' Hindi naman sila nakihalubilo sa tao," he said.

TV host Raymond Gutierrez (left) with his celebrity companions en route to the anti-pork barrel rally at Rizal Park on Monday. -- Photo from Gutierrez's Instagram page

On image-sharing service Instagram, the three celebrities posted photos of them at the rally, with one showing Wilson and Daza posing with protesters in the background.

Wilson, in one post, also shared a quote attributed to "Million People March," which says, "Pinoy Kami. We pay our taxes on-time and in-full. You, our government, owe us a full explanation."

Gutierrez, meantime, posted a photo of him with his companions in a vehicle en route to Rizal Park.

Early this month, the TV host, in a report, was alleged to have had business ties with the children of Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged brains behind the P10 billion pork barrel scam.

He allegedly formed a public relations company with James and Jo-Christine Napoles in April 2012, among other separate companies put up by the siblings in recent years.

Gutierrez, however, has yet to address the issue.