Sharon Cuneta opens up about being fat


Posted at Aug 21 2014 01:05 PM | Updated as of Aug 21 2014 11:53 PM

Sharon Cuneta. File Photo

MANILA -- After her public confession that she is undergoing a mid-life crisis, veteran actress Sharon Cuneta on Thursday assured her fans that she is "feeling much better now."

In her official Facebook account, Cuneta, 48, thanked those who expressed their support after she bared her frustrations, including problems with her weight, in an open letter last Monday.

"Besides my size, I have long been back to being 'me,' maybe a different me, but a stronger, kinder, more considerate and more appreciative, maybe even a little wiser me than before. And definitely a lot more grateful," Cuneta wrote in a new post.

"I think I have stayed fat because my size has been overshadowed and overpowered by my personal happiness. And it's true that that just may be one of the best things I can take away from this -- because that can only mean that I have had my priorities straight! I have a wonderful family that is not just intact but loving, and when all the temporary brightness fades around me, I know that they are the ones who will still be there, even if everyone else leaves. Around here, right now, I am a happy wife and mommy. And THESE, my friends, are what have helped to keep me real. And made me very, very happy and fulfilled," Cuneta added.

Cuneta, who hosted the first season of "The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition" before she left ABS-CBN for the No. 3 network TV5, also further opened up about being fat.

"I just do not like being big and fat because of the demands of this industry I move around in. And also, I have always enjoyed wearing my kind of clothes (too basic and plain, maybe a bit boring for TV! But pretty, pretty clothes, as far as I'm concerned), and I obviously cannot wear them because they don't make them in my present size. I like being at my ideal weight because I have had to face health issues and I don't ever want to go through anything like that again (and you don't know all of it!)," she said.

The mother of Kapamilya star KC Concepcion also said she would like to be fit again.

"This is not to say that fat is necessarily unhealthy or ugly. It is just that it is not something that I am used to being, and how I look now is not how I see my real self. I was not always big, so I guess it's okay to say that I would like to go back to how I was before, at least size-wise. BUT, I know now that there are other things that I can still do, in spite of, or maybe even because of my present weight and appearance!" she said.

Cuneta also teased that she has "some surprises" for her fans.

"In fact, some may be coming up much sooner than you think. Very, very soon," she said, promising to keep her followers updated on social media.

Glimmer of hope

For psychologist Randy Dellosa, who worked with the actress on "The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition," Cuneta open letter suggests "a glimmer of hope."

Although the lengthy post might appear like cry for help, Dellosa told ABS-CBN reporter Mario Dumaual that it's actually a sign that Cuneta is trying to "pick herself up again."

Dellosa also gave his unsolicited advice to the actress-host, saying that aside from "some more coaching on how to keep herself trim," Cuneta also needs to unload psychological and emotional baggage.

"'Yung weight issue eh sometimes comes from psychological issues. So medyo mahirap mag-focus lang sa pagti-trim down sa weight issues dahil posibleng sintomas lang 'yon ng psychological o emotional baggage niya. So she has to focus now on getting rid or unloading the emotional baggage para ma-unload din 'yung physical baggage niya,” the psychologist said.

Asked if Cuneta needs to undergo therapy, Dellosa replied: "Therapy is a good thing kasi it helps you confront eh, to face who you are. Then you realize this is the direction I want to take. So therapy is good for anybody and it's also good for Sharon Cuneta.”

Dellosa also gave his message to those who are in the same situation as the veteran actress.

"Siguro we can get some inspiration from Sharon Cuneta. She hit rock bottom. From ‘mega,’ she became ‘nega,’ nag-meltdown siya. Emo mode siya dati, pero now she's realizing there's hope pala after all if I will just work on it then I’ll be on track again,” he said.