Matteo: I don't want to lose Sarah


Posted at Aug 14 2014 08:46 PM | Updated as of Aug 15 2014 06:43 AM

A viral photo of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli taken during the actor's birthday party last March

MANILA - Matteo Guidicelli is cautious not to make decisions that can risk his relationship with Sarah Geronimo, among them mixing personal life with work.

After a press conference on Thursday for his upcoming movie "Somebody to Love," which will hit cinemas on August 20, the 25-year-old actor begged off from answering questions about Geronimo.

He explained that he does not want to make it appear that he is using the pop star to promote his film, adding that he would rather focus on discussing a project at a media gathering intended for it.

However, Guidicelli was still quizzed on his relationship with the actress. For one, Guidicelli was made to clarify an earlier statement he made that he prefers not to work with Geronimo.

"Sa aming dalawa nanggaling," he said, referring to his and Geronimo's decision not to do projects together. "Bago palang 'yung relationship. We want to make the relationship stronger and make it grow."

"I don't want to lose this relationship. I really want to be careful."

Guidicelli explained: "Alam naman po natin sa showbiz, mahirap to keep a relationship stable. Maraming intriga, maraming issues. Para maiwasan lang muna."

Supporting Sarah's 'love team'

This is also the reason why, according to Guidicelli, Geronimo will not be attending the premiere night of "Somebody to Love" next week. He stressed, however, that the singer remains supportive of his projects -- and vice-versa.

In fact, Guidicelli said he would not mind if Geronimo will agree to have her first onscreen kiss. While she has been paired with several ABS-CBN leading men -- Gerald Anderson, John Lloyd Cruz and Coco Martin, among others -- the actress never had a kissing scene with any of them.

Asked whether he will feel jealous if Geronimo does have her first kiss in a film, Guidicelli said: "Walang problema. Pelikula 'yan. Trabaho lang 'yan. Alam naman po natin na this is the art we love, this is the craft we love."

"I respect what she wants to do, what she will do," he added. "This is what she loves doing. I won't stop her from doing what she loves doing."

Even without his approval, Guidicelli emphasized Geronimo is free to make decisions concerning her career. "She's a big girl. She can make decisions on her own and she knows naman how," he said.

In his case, however, Guidicelli admitted he felt the need to tell Geronimo about his own kissing scenes in "Somebody to Love," where he is paired with both Isabelle Daza and Carla Abellana.

"Responsibility natin bilang isang boyfriend magpaalam!" he said, laughing.

Jealous Matteo

While the couple has no issues concerning their respective partners onscreen, Guidicelli admitted that in real life, there have been instances when he got jealous.

"Ako, sa totoo lang, I get jealous," Guidicelli said. "It's normal naman sa isang relationship. Kung maganda talaga 'yung girlfriend mo, 'di ba, magiging jealous ka minsan."

"Pero, wala, I'm confident with Sarah and I trust her," he said.

Asked how he lets Geronimo knows he is jealous, Guidicelli answered, laughing, "Tampu-tampo tayo kaunti, mga ganyan. Pa-cute-cute lang ba!"

Turning serious, Guidicelli said he is thankful that Geronimo fought for their relationship, which was also the first she ever admitted. This, amid rumors that the two recently had an argument, which was supposedly the reason why the pop star did not attend a triathlon race Guidicelli participated in early this month.

The actor has since clarified that Geronimo was sick at the time of the race, and that she originally could not make it anyway due to her professional engagements.

"I'm very thankful, I'm very blessed, I'm very proud of her," Guidicelli said. "Basta I always believe in loving honestly and loving truly."