Kris responds to Thalia's prank


Posted at Aug 13 2014 09:48 PM | Updated as of Aug 14 2014 05:48 AM

Mexian superstar Thalia and TV host Kris Aquino. Composite image

MANILA -- Kris Aquino responded to Thalia on Wednesday after the Mexican superstar played a prank on Instagram in relation to the TV host's recent comment about the rumored removal of her ribs.

On Aquino's own Instagram page, she posted screenshots of Thalia's message for her Filipino fans about the "myth" surrounding her ribs, and her later clarification that her supposed confirmation of the long-rumored surgery was just a joke.

Aquino's post showed a comment she left on Thalia's page, which read: "Thank you for giving us time and importance! Honestly it was really an accepted fact because everybody equated super tiny waist with surgery removing ribs... For Filipinos, we consider you one of the most beautiful and sexiest women of all time! We are forever fans."

Thalia achieved superstar status in the Philippines in the '90s with the local airing of several of her TV series, including "MariMar," "Maria Mercedes" and "Maria la del Barrio."

Her one-week visit to the country in 1996 was met with media frenzy. At the time, Thalia, also a pop singer, maximized her stay by staging a concert and recording a number of Tagalog songs for her fans here.

Aquino mentioned the long-standing rumor about Thalia's ribs in the August 5 episode of her primetime talk show "Aquino & Abunda Tonight." At the time, she and co-host Boy Abunda were commenting on the weight loss of ABS-CBN actress Beauty Gonzalez.

Thalia later "confirmed" the rumor by posting photos of herself with a jar containing ribs. "To all my Filipino fans, I would like to set the record straight about this issue: the chismis is totoo," she said in another post, referring to Aquino's comment.

In her post on Wednesday announcing the prank, Thalia invited Aquino, Abunda, and ABS-CBN journalist Anthony Taberna to visit her to try her "famous ribs," this time referring to her apparent specialty dish.

"I'll cook it like bulalo next time. Bring halo-halo, sisig, and ensaymada, por favor," Thalia added.

Responding to this, Aquino clarified that her earlier comment was "in admiration, because for us Pinoys we equate sexiness with Thalia."

"And now the myth is debunked, her body is all natural and that is even more awe inspiring... Thank you for being a good sport! We Filipinos remain forever fans, it was because of 'MariMar' that primetime TV viewing and programming changed for us. Hoping to meet you one day Thalia and share a meal of bulalo," she said.