Matteo reveals: Ipinaglaban ako ni Sarah


Posted at Aug 10 2014 07:10 PM | Updated as of Aug 11 2014 03:10 AM

A viral photo of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli taken during the actor's birthday party last March

MANILA - “Pinaglaban din niya po ako, kaya I’m very, very proud of her.”

This was the statement of actor Matteo Guidicelli when asked how his relationship with girlfriend Sarah Geronimo started.

In an interview on "The Buzz" on Sunday, Guidicelli shared that he is proud of Geronimo for standing up for herself and their relationship.

"I guess she felt it was time," he said. "So when I saw it, in a way, I was very proud of her. Not because she said I was her boyfriend -- I don’t really care about that -- I’m more proud because she stood up as a woman and said what she wants in life."

But the actor quickly added that he understands and respects the sentiments of the singer's parents.

"I think Sarah’s parents, like all parents, they’re very protective for every child... So, I understand them," he said.

Asked when they officially became a couple, Guidicelli revealed that it started about a year ago, noting that Geronimo was wary about having a showbiz boyfriend at first.

"Honestly, at first, she didn’t want because she didn’t want a showbiz guy and all that stuff... [but] I always tell her follow your heart," he said. "I always tell her, we’re not doing anything wrong. You know we’re loving each other purely and truly."

Guidicelli said he was very happy when Geronimo finally announced their relationship to the public a few months ago.

"I was the happiest person in the world," he said.