Flood victims seek refuge in Jim Paredes' home


Posted at Aug 09 2012 12:15 PM | Updated as of Aug 10 2012 08:18 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Apo Hiking Society Jim Paredes opened his home on Wednesday to some flood victims seeking refuge from the incessant rains that have inundated many parts of Metro Manila and Luzon.

Singer Jim Paredes

"It's been a awhile but right now there is a baby in the house! An evacuee from a dpressed area nearby," Paredes said in his official Twitter account.

"This is like my Night of Passion. I am housing people I don't know. Seriously, it must be hard for them to ask than for me to say yes," he said.

Paredes, who lives in Loyola Heights in Quezon City, didn't say how many people sought shelter in his home but the singer and composer attached a photo of a child in his account.

Paredes said that apart from grandchildren, it has been a while since he had a young child in his house.

"It just feels so special to have a kid here," he said.

"No matter how I try, the kid won't respond to me. Me thinks I've lost my touch. Feel like a young parent again," he added.

Paredes' friends praised the Apo member for his hospitality but Paredes played down his act of kindness.

"Today I am in a position to help. Someday I will be the one asking for help. Ganun lang 'yun," he told fellow singer Leah Navarro, who told him to be a "good host to your many new guests.:

Michelle Saraza ‏told Paredes: "I salute you, sir! We also have some in our house."

"Good for you. Life is strange. Sometiimes, we just have to open the door when someone knocks," he told Saraza.

"People have been kind to me before. I am generally trusting of strangers," Paredes also said.

On Thursday, Paredes praised the government for their work during this tough period.

"To @MMDA, @govph, rescuers and other hardworking agencies in and out of government, your valuable work is noticed appreciated. Salamat," he said.