Gab to release 4 more 'super selfie' videos

By Reyma Buan-Deveza,

Posted at Aug 04 2014 03:59 PM | Updated as of Aug 05 2014 12:04 AM

MANILA -- Expect to see new "super selfie" videos from Gab Valenciano, who promised to release at least four more videos, including another one with his father Gary Valenciano.

This comes after Gab's latest "super selfie" video with the dance group The Manoeuvers, which was uploaded late last month, was picked up by international media, including People magazine and Huffington Post.

"I have four coming up that are super huge. Every two weeks 'yan," said Gab, who added that he also plans to do a "super selfie" video with girlfriend Tricia Centenera.

But despite the popularity of his videos, Gab stressed that he doesn't want to be remembered only for them. This was one of the reasons he backed out from joining the reality show "America's Got Talent."

"The super selfie brand I love it, it's fun, but it's not gonna last forever. It's a fad and I didn't want my three minutes of fame to be a fad. I don't want that to be my legacy. I don't want the
people to remember me as 'the super selfie guy,'" Gab said in a recent interview.

"I mean it's fun, it's cool but my vision for my life is much bigger than super selfies. Thank God he gave me this super selfie thing right now pero when it comes to my dreams and aspirations and everything and the whole grand scheme of things it's beyond super selfie," he added.