Andi: I still want to get married


Posted at Aug 04 2012 06:29 PM | Updated as of Aug 05 2012 03:25 AM

MANILA, Philippines – At 22 and with a beautiful baby girl, young actress Andi Eigenmann said she hopes to get married someday.

Andi Eigenmann File photo
Her life's turn in recent years may be a step shy of "traditional," but the "Agua Bendita" star still holds on to the dream of walking down the aisle to wed the man she loves.

"Akala ko dati ikakasal ako bago ako magkaroon ng anak. Mali pala ako," Eigenmann told lifestyle magazine Smart Parenting.

Eigenmann is quick to assert that she couldn't be happier with her little bundle of joy, Adrianne Gabrielle, who she gave birth to in November last year. Baby Ellie, as she endearingly calls her, was conceived at the height of Eigenmann's showbiz career.

Ellie's father, said to be young actor Albie Casino, has since been estranged from them. The seemingly irreparable rift came after a bitter feud between their families over her controversial pregnancy. The unplanned milestone also spelled the end of their relationship.

New man

After her breakup with Casino, Eigenmann was romantically linked to the son of former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada, Jake. While the young actress said she is thankful for his presence in her life, Eigenmann clarified that they are not in a serious relationship.

With or without Jake figuring in her near future, Eigenmann said she still dreams of "meeting that person whom I can share my whole life with and have children with."

For the "Agua" star, a non-negotiable criterion for the right man would be his acceptance of her baby girl.

"He has to love us both. Package deal kami [ni Ellie]," Eigenmann said.

While this right man may well become father figure to baby Ellie, Eigenmann said she intends to address any question from her daughter about her real dad.

"I don't want her to grow up with lies. I want her to know the truth. There will come a time when she will look for her father.

"I will entertain her questions but I will make sure that she will look for her father only because she is curious, and not because she feels she needs a dad. I will not make her feel like she is lacking something," Eigenmann said.

"I know that my situation is harder because I am alone. But I will make sure Ellie feels complete. Ako lang, I'll play both roles," she added.