What motivated Patrick Garcia to propose


Posted at Aug 03 2014 09:56 PM | Updated as of Aug 04 2014 05:56 AM

Actor Patrick Garcia with his girlfriend Nikka Martinez

MANILA -- Actor Patrick Garcia revealed that it was his newfound relationship with God that pushed him to ''make things right'' and propose to his girlfriend, Nikka Martinez.

Garcia, a teenage star during the '90s, met Martinez, a former commercial model, in 2011.

The couple recalled their first bonding as friends in Dumaguete, Martinez's hometown, in an interview on "The Buzz'' on Sunday.

Martinez admitted that it was she who invited Garcia to go with her along with three other friends. However, only the actor followed.

"We just met so I just casually asked my parents," she said. "We were three. And then I asked him. Siya lang 'yung sumunod."

Garcia said that at first, he thought Martinez was joking when she invited him. "I followed [to Dumaguete]. Actually sabay kaming pumunta. She thought na hindi ako sasama," he recalled.

The relationship between Garcia and Martinez grew, and just last year, their child, Chelsea, was born.

Garcia admitted that their relationship started out wrong.

While the actor said he was always attending church during Sundays, he said he wasn't really reading the Bible back then.

However, influenced by his girlfriend and their spiritual mentor, Garcia began to take his relationship with God seriously.

"I was going to CCF Alabang. I was Sunday school teacher. I was trying to convince him to come every Sunday," Martinez said.

Garcia said that when he found out about the teachings in the Bible, he knew he had to move and make things right for their relationship that started out wrong.

''Before kasi, ako ay Sunday Christian lang. I didn't really read His work, the Bible. When I took my walk with the Lord seriously, I found out things that would be right," he said. "When I found that out. Sabi ko -- malalaman mo naman eh -- I think this is the right time. We might have started out wrong. But kaya namang itama."

Garcia proposed to Martinez last week in a church in Greenhills. The actor said he got help from a pastors who serves as their spiritual mentor.

"Of course kinausap ko muna 'yung pastor, mga two weeks before," he shared.

Asked what can she say about the proposal by Garcia, a happy and in love Martinez said: "I'm so proud of Pat. I would marry him in an instant talaga. There is no doubt in my heart that I want to spend the rest of my life with him."