Archie Alemania causes scene at QC restaurant


Posted at Aug 03 2014 06:18 PM | Updated as of Oct 18 2016 07:08 PM

MANILA – Comedian Archie Alemania has reportedly caused a scene at a fast food restaurant in Quezon City past during the wee hours of the morning Sunday.

According to a “The Buzz” report which aired on Sunday, Alemania supposedly arrived at the eatery with only his pants on, while his body was full of mud.

The actor was reportedly forcing his way into the restaurant’s kitchen, saying someone was trying to kill him.

Some witnesses said the actor even called for a TV crew and his handlers from Star Magic.

When Alemania could not name the person who was supposedly running after him, the restaurant’s staff called the police to assist the actor.

“The Buzz” went to the area where the incident happened but the manager of the eatery declined to issue any statement. “The Buzz” learned that after the incident, Alemania was brought to Quezon City General Hospital in handcuffs.

A medico legal was conducted on Alemania, but the actor allegedly refused to sign it for reasons unknown.

Although no one from the hospital also agreed to give any statement, “The Buzz” learned from its logbook that the actor was indeed brought there at around 12:15 a.m. and he left at 2:10 a.m.

The word “nagwawala” was the reason cited why the actor was brought in.

“The Buzz” also went to the police station where an officer of the restaurant filed a blotter report against Alemania. This confirmed that the actor indeed caused a scene but the report also indicated both parties were able to settle the matter.

“The Buzz” said one of the possible reasons why Alemania ran amok was because of his breakup with his year-long girlfriend, Krista Jareno.

“The Buzz” tried to get Jareno’s side of the story but she said she does not know what really happened, adding that she’d rather talk to Alemania’s parents first before issuing any statement.