John Arcilla gets raves for 'Bourne' role


Posted at Aug 02 2012 03:39 PM | Updated as of Aug 03 2012 06:29 AM

John Arcilla shares moment with Rachel Weisz

MANILA, Philippines -- Referred to as a "brilliant" and "wonderful" actor by the director and lead actress of "The Bourne Legacy," Filipino actor John Arcilla is thrilled by the praises he has earned for his role in the upcoming Hollywood film.

John Arcilla during an interview with ABS-CBN News

By his own admission, Arcilla said his role as a security guard in the anticipated action film won't have a "long exposure."

But his short screen time only magnifies the praises he has earned from "Bourne" director Tony Gilroy and British actress Rachel Weisz.

"If they're looking for a long exposure, they might feel... I don't want them to expect a lot," Arcilla told ABS-CBN News on Tuesday, referring to Filipinos who will watch the upcoming film.

"That's why I'm kind of excited, but at the same time, I'm a little worried that they might expect a long exposure," Arcilla added.


Despite his "short" screen time, Arcilla was cited by Gilroy and Weisz in separate interviews for his "brilliance" as an actor, which the Filipino thespian now relishes as an "award" of sorts.

"I was so happy, because I read good observations from my director and co-actors, and these are international award-winning actors," Arcilla said.

"Tony Gilroy is a prominent Hollywood director, and if a director of that caliber says 'He's a brilliant actor,' I'm telling you, when I read that, I felt like I won something. It feels like you were affirmed of something," Arcilla said.

In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Gilroy described Arcilla as "brilliant," recalling his scenes during the filming of "Bourne" in Manila.

"The guy who plays Joseph (Arcilla) at the factory gave an amazing performance. I remember we started rehearsing the scene to get blocked in. [...] He’s brilliant," Gilroy said in the interview.

Likewise, Weisz was all praises for Arcilla in a separate interview with the Inquirer: "I’m sorry if I don’t remember all of their names. There was one, particularly, I’m sorry his name slips my mind. He played the security guy (Arcilla) at the lab. Yes, he’s a wonderful actor."

Moment with Weisz

British actress Rachel Weisz. File photo

This isn't the first time Weisz praised Arcilla. 

During the filming for "Bourne" in Manila, Arcilla said Weisz had approached him personally to commend his performance.

"In fact, sabi niya (Weisz) pa nga kay Tony Gilroy, 'Who is this guy?' And I saw that actually. Nakita ko 'yun nung shoot pa lang.

"Tapos in-aside niya ako -- 'Wow, you're doing well.' Sabi niya, 'How long have you been doing this?' And then I told her, 'I'm a theater a actor, but I am now a TV and film actor. I started in theater.' 'That's why.'"

Apart from the international exposure Arcilla said being commended by respected personalities in the industry makes him especially grateful.

"This project is a huge mainstream project, which means na, sabi nga nila, kahit maliit lang exposure mo, big deal kasi it's Hollywood. So para sa akin, maiksi siya, pero ang lawak ng mileage.

"And modesty aside, coming from these people na award-winning din at matatalinong artista, nakakatuwa na, ano naman ang makukuha nila if they're going to pull my leg," Arcilla said.

For her role in the 2005 film "The Constant Gardener," Weisz was awarded Best Supporting Actress by the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

Local, international

Himself a respected actor in the Philippines, Arcilla continues to make strides in his local acting career. 

Arcilla is part of the an upcoming ABS-CBN project with actor John Lloyd Cruz and actress Bea Alonzo.

Proving his "Bourne" stint isn't a one-off feat, Arcilla also topbills "Metro Manila," a British film directed by Oscar- and Bafta-nominated short-filmmaker Sean Ellis.

Of the film which will enjoy theatrical showing in France, Arcilla said: "Napanood na namin [sa isang private screening]. I'm not trying to pull my own leg, but 'Metro Manila' is another thing. I had a very significant role there, a pivotal role with an [all-Filipino cast]."

"The Bourne Legacy" will have its worldwide premiere in the Philippines on August 5.

The the full interview of John Arcilla with Ginger Conejero will air on TV Patrol this week.