Coleen: Billy is worth fighting for


Posted at Jul 31 2014 01:12 AM | Updated as of Jul 31 2014 07:21 PM

MANILA - Coleen Garcia had no doubts in answering whether singer-host Billy Crawford, her new boyfriend, is worth fighting for amid the intrigues surrounding their relationship.

"Absolutely," she said.

The 21-year-old TV host and actress was asked the question during a live interview on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" on Wednesday.

Garcia also quickly answered when asked if she was the reason behind the controversial separation of Crawford and Nikki Gil, his past girlfriend of 5 years, in July 2013.

"Definitely not," she said.

Garcia and Crawford only confirmed being a couple last week during a live episode of "It's Showtime," which they both co-host -- 7 months after the international performer admitted courting her in January.

"I did [feel lighter]," Garcia said of finally confirming the relationship. "I guess [it was because there was no longer] pressure of putting a label on the relationship. Because I felt like we were there. I felt like we didn't need that label anymore. In my heart, I knew naman how I feel about him."

Why Coleen said yes

One of the reasons why she agreed to make the relationship official, according to Garcia, was her family's approval of Crawford.

She explained: "I just felt like it was time. Maybe what I was waiting for since the beginning was just the assurance na... Right now kasi he really gets along with my family, and that's such a big factor to me."

"My mom, she's very honest when it comes to my relationships. She's very honest. This time, I'm just really happy that my family's happy. I'm the kind of person talaga who thinks about what other people feel, my family and my friends."

While she did not give an exact date, Garcia recalled that she agreed to be Crawford's girlfriend when she fetched him at an airport.

"Well, he asks me every day. Medyo persistent naman siya. Four times a day! 'Can you be my girlfriend?' Like, everyday. He makes me kulit. And I don't think he thought that I would say yes right then and there," she said.

Quizzed by host Kris Aquino how long it took for her to finally give Crawford the answer he wanted, Garcia explained that there was no particular point when the singer made formally started courting her.

"Months. I guess I can't really think of the time when he started making me ligaw, because it developed. It's something that developed. It's not like I woke up one day, and I'm like, 'Okay, he's making me ligaw. Okay, he's my boyfriend already.' It's something that developed overtime," she said.

Since Crawford made public his intention to court Garcia, the two were repeatedly asked about their respective ties with Gil, who, for her part, has chosen to keep mum on the new romance of her ex-boyfriend.

Asked if there is truth to reports that she and Gil recently met at a press event, Garcia clarified that while they were both guests, along with Crawford, she did not bump into the "Hawak Kamay" actress.

If she happens to encounter Gil soon, Garcia said she would be ready.