Dolphy 'calm, at peace' in son's dreams


Posted at Jul 26 2012 03:44 PM | Updated as of Jul 27 2012 02:43 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Two weeks since he was laid to rest, Dolphy's presence is being felt by his son Ronnie Quizon. In his dreams, he said his father is always calm, always smiling.

Ronnie Quizon during the family gathering for Dolphy's 84th
birthday on Wednesday

On the occassion of his birthday, Dolphy's family came together to remember the country's comedy king, who would have turned 84 on Wednesday.

Among his 18 children, Ronnie, said he has been dreaming of his father since he was laid to rest on July 15.

"Since he was buried, I [have been] dreaming of him everytime I sleep," Ronnie told ABS-CBN News on Wednesday.

Ronnie, who is Dolphy's son with former actress Alice Smith, said his dreams of the late film icon only reflect pleasant feelings.

"[I feel] calm and peace, so I guess he is really at peace. I wake up naman feeling okay. Wala, I don't cry, I'm not afraid, it's not a bangungot or something, it's all good. Palaging relaxed, and he's always smiling, that's all I can remember about the dream," Ronnie said.

'A night of love'

The late veteran actor certainly has reason to smile, especially with the strengthened ties among his children. In celebration of his 84th birthday, Dolphy's children and extended family came together for a "quiet" gathering.

Dolphy, considered a ladies' man, had 18 children with six different relationships over the years.

"A night of love, I can say that," Ronnie said of the private gathering. "Maybe laughter. Knowing my relatives, my siblings, hindi mawawala 'yan eh."

As for the traditional marking of the 40th day since Dolphy's passing, Ronnie said plans are now underway for a public commemoration his father's contribution to the entertainment industry.

"We're not hesitant to do anything for our dad if the nation wants it, but we'll work it out. Basta meron lang kaming moment for ourselves, 'yun lang. Importante 'yun, basta meron kaming moment for ourselves, for the family lang.

"My dad lived for everyone, not just our family. He really loved the Filipinos, he loved his audiences, so it's only fair na we let people in on whatever it is that goes on," he said.