Vice Ganda asks Vickie: Is Jason jealous of Daniel?


Posted at Jul 23 2014 01:22 PM | Updated as of Jul 23 2014 09:22 PM

Vice Ganda and Vickie Rushton

MANILA – “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Vickie Rushton admitted she has been thinking about her boyfriend, Jason Abalos, since the actor sent her a message, which she felt was “dry and cold.”

“Kuya” allowed the loved ones of the PBB housemates to send each of them a message last week after typhoon “Glenda” hit parts of the country, leaving many areas battered and without electricity.

While the other housemates got messages from their family members, Rushton received one from Abalos which said: “Baba, okay lang naman ako. Huwag ka mag-alala. I miss you so much. Praying for you always.”

Speaking to celebrity guest Vice Ganda as shown on the Tuesday episode of the reality show, Rushton said she is worried that something has already changed between them.

“Yung message niya kasi, alam ko dry. Parang wala, negative na, wala na. Alam ko iba na. Siyempre alam ko [na may nag-iba] kasi parati kaming magkausap tapos yung message iba. Alam ko,” she told the host-comedian.

Asked if she has any clue on why Abalos’ message was “dry,” Rushton briefly said: “Hindi pa.”

In the past weeks, some of the housemates have been teasing Rushton to celebrity housemate Daniel Matsunaga.

When asked by Vice Ganda if Matsunaga is probably the reason behind Abalos’ “dry” message, Rushton said: “Wala naman kasi, wala naman dapat.”

Matsunaga, for his part, also clarified to Vice Ganda that there is really nothing romantic between him and Rushton.

“Grabe naman, wala akong ginagawa,” he said. “Ako yung side ko, single ako. Siyempre of course, kapag may boyfriend ka, I’m not gonna flirt with somebody who has a boyfriend. I give respect.”

Citing the two’s maturity, Vice Ganda commended Rushton and Matsunaga saying it is admirable that they know how to properly act when confronted with such kind of instance.

“In fairness with you both ah, you are both very responsible. You respect the fact… kasi minsan kapag naglolokohan kayo ‘di ba, minsan nababanggit mo na ‘May boyfriend siya.’ Aware ka [Daniel]. You respect the fact and you respect the persons involved. Ikaw din naman [Vickie], in fairness to you,” he said.

Although Rushton needs to wait until she gets out of the PBB house before she could settle the issue with Abalos, Vice Ganda told the housemate not to get too bothered as long as she knows she is not doing anything wrong.

“It’s an issue. It might not be a problem but it’s an issue that you both have to deal with. Soon. Hindi naman kayo forever nandito. Sooner or later, for all we know, yung mga nangyayari dito, yung panandaliang pagkakahiwalay niyo, mas lalong magpapa-okay iyan sa inyo,” he said.

In a preview for the upcoming Wednesday episode, Vice Ganda is seen choosing Rushton to have the privilege of sending three text messages to anybody in the “outside world” who she wants to talk to.