Amalia: 'KSP' Annabelle can't even text


Posted at Jul 19 2012 07:52 PM | Updated as of Jul 20 2012 07:25 PM

Celebrities also urged: Police your ranks

MANILA, Philippines -- With her name taking over entertainment headlines in recent months, talent manager Annabelle Rama's ego is only being fed, according to one of her public enemies, former actress Amalia Fuentes.

Amalia Fuentes. File photo

Responding to Rama's recent posts on micro-blogging site Twitter, Fuentes in a text message sent to ABS-CBN News urged the talent manager's followers to stop reading her "tweets."

In her recent Twitter posts, Rama once again hit entertainment reporter Chito Alcid after hearing news of his planned legal steps against her.

Last Friday, the two figured in a controversial scuffle during the wake of the late veteran actor Dolphy, where Rama was seen trying to attack Alcid with a walking stick.

Pointing to Rama's account on the micro-blogging site, which the talent manager frequently uses to defend herself in the face of controversies, Fuentes said she doubts Rama is in fact behind the Twitter account.

"Don't read her tweets made by her mad dogs. She can't even text," Fuentes said in a text message to ABS-CBN News.

Annabelle's 'ego'

The former actress added that by "following" Rama's tweets and headline-hogging feuds, the public is only feeding her ego.

Annabelle Rama. File photo

"I wish people would just ignore her [being] 'KSP' ('kulang sa pansin'), kasi we feed her ego. Tama si Atty. Lorna (Kapunan): media should help in our crusade," Fuentes said.

The former actress is referring to Kapunan, the legal counsel of Alcid in his tiff with Rama, calling on members of the entertainment industry "to police themselves" in order to keep feuds private, and to set a good example to the public.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Kapunan raised bigger issues surfacing from Rama's "horrific" outburst last Friday.

"The first is media bullying," Kapunan said, as she announced Alcid's plans to file charges against Rama. "This is the classic example where the media personality has resorted to bullying the media inside and outside the courtroom. That should stop."

"The call here is for everybody to unite, to unite to stop media bullying, not only against Ms. Annabelle Rama, because there are many Annabelle Ramas out there," Kapunan added.

'Police yourselves'

In recent months, Rama has figured in court proceedings as she answered to and filed legal charges against her enemies, including former actress Nadia Montenegro and her daughter, and Fuentes.

Rama also recently accused Fuentes of masterminding the "provocation" during the wake last Friday which had led to this latest scandal.

A day after she was caught on video coming after a scrambling Alcid, Rama claimed that she was provoked by showbiz reporter, supposedly upon orders of Fuentes. 

Kapunan has also called on entertainment personalities to keep tabs on their fellow celebrities' public behavior.

"Police your own ranks. Kayo, magsalita naman kayo. Let it not be one person leading the fight," Kapunan said.