Kit: It wasn't easy to be Dolphy's daughter


Posted at Jul 17 2012 02:36 PM | Updated as of Jul 17 2012 10:36 PM

Dolphy's daughter Mariquita Quizon.

MANILA, Philippines -- For Mariquita "Kit" Quizon, it wasn't easy to be the daughter of Comedy King Dolphy.

In an interview with Ces Drilon on "Pipol," which aired on Monday night, Kit admitted that she had her share of difficulties being Dolphy's child.

"There's pros and cons (being his daughter), parang 'mayaman ang tatay mo, hindi mo na kailangang mag-trabaho,'" she said.

"Even after I graduated college, I was having problems looking for job because 'you don't need to apply here, you can just ask your dad to find you a job.' That was the situation then so I said maybe I will just try it somewhere else, which was I decided to go to States," she explained.

Kit, who is Dolphy's daughter with Gloria Smith, moved to United States in 1984 when she was only 22 years old. She now works as a dialysis technician in the US.

"Sabi niya sa akin, 'You won't make it there, mahirap ang buhay doon.' 'I'll prove it to you,' I told him. I did it and that's why everytime he sees, he would tell me, 'I'm proud of you. I'm proud of what you accomplished,'" Kit said.

Aside from wanting to be independent , she said she also wanted to help his father.

"At first he was upset but then I told him, 'You know what, Dad, the reason I'm doing this is because you have a lot of problems as is and I don't want to burden you with another one,'" she added.

In Dolphy's book "Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-Isa," Dolpy expressed his admiration for Kit.

"Ay! Proud ako sa anak kong ito. I like her confidence. Agad na nakikita 'yon sa kanya. ... I love her. She is a survivor. She is admirable," he said.