Lolit Solis orchestrated sex video scandal?

by Trina Lagura,

Posted at Jul 16 2009 09:44 PM | Updated as of Jul 17 2009 09:16 PM

MANILA - The lawyer of Katrina Halili on Thursday made public an audio recording that contained conversations that purportedly proves how writer and talent manager Lolit Solis “orchestrated” a plan to destroy his client’s reputation.

In a press conference, lawyer Raymund Palad said the compact disc (CD) contained conversations that transpired during a meeting held on May 21, 2009 at Kho's residence. Present in the meeting were Solis, Dr. Hayden Kho Jr., his mother Irene, Kho’s lawyers led by Lorna Kapunan, Dr. Vicki Belo, and public relations practitioner Reli German, he added.  

The meeting was conducted apparently to plan Kho and Belo's next move as the sex video scandal raged on.  

He likened the “well-designed” and “well-funded” plan, dubbed as “Project Angels and Demons,” to a movie that has a "director and scriptwriter."

Based on the conversations, Palad said Solis came up with a “grand design” to purportedly destroy the reputation of Halili, among others. The actress gained public sympathy after she cried foul following the proliferation of her and Kho’s sex video.

“Nandito ang mga pag-uusap ng mga partido kung paano haharap si Hayden [sa publiko]. Kung paano magso-sorry, kung kailan magso-sorry, anong itsura ng mukha, paano magsasalita si Irene Kho,” Palad said.

The lawyer added that the audio clip would also expose the alleged inconsistencies in the affidavits of the respondents in the case Halili filed before the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Nabanggit din dito ang plano kung sino ang unang pagbibintangan [sa pagkalat ng videos at] sinong pangalawang pagbibintangan,” he said. “Maraming personalidad na-involve dito. Masasakit na salita [ang nabitawan].”

Also mentioned in the meeting was the alleged attempt to extort P4 million from Kho, he said. The alleged extortion was done by a man who came from a prominent family, he added.  Palad added that he is confident that the "CD will tell it all."

This was the second time that Solis has been accused of “orchestrating” the incident. In late May, Irene claimed that Halili was only acting when she came out in the open to denounce the spreading of her sex video. She alleged that Solis was behind Halili’s “acting.”

In the same interview, Irene also accused Halili of influencing her son to use illegal drugs, and the actress' road manager, Omar Sortijas, of providing the illegal substances. These allegations prompted both Halili and Sortijas to lodge separate libel complaints against Irene before the prosecutor's office in Quezon City and Imus, Cavite.

 Audio clip

The audio clip was submitted as evidence by Irene and her lawyers when they filed her counter-affidavits in Quezon City and Imus. Palad secured a copy of the CD on July 14. After which, he distributed copies of the CD to the media during Thursday’s press conference.

The more-than-an-hour meeting began with Solis giving her consent to have it recorded.  In the CD, Solis instructed Kho to publicly apologize for videotaping his sexual intercourse with different women but only after the public “euphoria” had subsided.

She said by then the reputation of Halili, a sexy actress, would be questioned. “Ipapakalat natin iyong di naman siya ganoong kabait na babae. Most probably, she was enjoying it. Malay natin, baka siya pa rin iyong nagpa-ano ng video.”

Solis was also heard telling Kho to make sure that when he said sorry for the second time, he would look sincere, noting that his first apology did not sit well with the public.

 “Pagka-ginawa natin iyong pagso-sorry mo, make sure na talagang malungkot iyong face mo… iyong talagang natural na… I was telling them, I was telling Vicki na siguro naman kahit papaano, nag-a-acting na. Baka naman pwedeng  ganoon,” Solis said.  

To Irene, she said: “Pag nagkaroon na ng window, doon na siya magso-sorry…. Iyong parang number niya iyon. ‘I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I know how he feels. I’m so sorry for what, sa ginawa ni Hayden. Sana ma-understand niyo rin na siguro he went with the wrong guys... Ang napulot niya mga maling values.'”

Solis also prevented Kho from saying that what he and Halili had was just for fun. "Lahat ng mistake na gagawin mo , in the name of love, accepted ng society.... Kapag sinabi mong iyong Katrina na for fun, patay ka."

She also prevented him from voicing out his suspicion that his former friends were behind the proliferation of the videos, saying this would not look good for him.  

During the course of the conversation, Solis also asked Kho why he made those videos. Kho replied: "Alam mo iyong when you write a diary, when you want to record experiences sinusulat mo iyong ibang experiences mo sa ibang tao... It's (sex) a recording of my experience and it's meant for me... Ang intention ko is just a recording of my experience, nothing else."

The issue of drugs was also discussed during the meeting, but Solid had advised him against disclosing it in public.

In the CD, Belo also admitted that respondents Eric Chua, Princess Velasco and Dr. Herbert “Bistek” Rosario, Kho's erstwhile friends, also had copies of the sex videos. Belo was advised by Kapunan not to admit it in public “because it’s disseminated already.”

Chua, who was allegedly behind the proliferation of the sex videos, maintained in his affidavit that he made only one DVD copy of the videos, deleted these from Kho’s computers, and then gave it to Belo.  

New evidence

Palad said his camp will submit a copy of the CD to the DOJ and National Bureau of Investigation to aid them in their investigation into the sex scandal.  

Halili has charged Kho, Belo, Chua, Rosario and Velasco with violation of the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 before the DOJ. The NBI, meanwhile, is looking into the mass reproduction of the DVD.

“Isa-submit namin sa NBI para ma-imbestigahan ang issue ng dissemination, possible uploading, at kung sinong mga taong huling humawak ng sex videos,” he said.

He added: “Malaking sabwatan na well-funded, samantalang kami hindi ganoon. Marami sila. May pera and yet pinagtulung-tulungan pa nila iyong nag-iisang biktima.”

He said he already informed his client about the contents of the CD, but Halili has yet to hear it for herself.

He said the actress is out of town and will be back on Monday.  To Solis, meanwhile, Palad said this is “nothing personal.”

‘Make my day!’

An angry Solis, meanwhile, maintained that there was nothing illegal about the audio clip. She also wondered why some people were making it public, saying that the meeting has nothing to do with the proliferation of the sex videos.

When the sex video scandal broke out, she admitted that she helped Kho because her friend, Belo, had requested it.  

“‘Alam mo Hayden, iyong [1992 Metro Manila Film Festival] scam ako ang pinaka-hated na tao sa buong Pilipinas. Pero noong nakita ng Pilipinas na nagsisisi ako tinanggap nila ulit ako. Baka ganoon ang gagawin mo.’”

“‘Tapos the best way pa is for your mother to ask for apology on your behalf.’ Pero hindi ko tinuro kay Irene Kho iyong pikit-pikit wala akong tinuro sa kanya,” she said.

She said she later changed her mind because she could sense that Kho was not remorseful over the incident.   

She also assailed her critics for diverting the attention of the public from the real issue.  

“Ang pinag-uusapan dito iyong video ni Hayden Kho. Ang mga babae na hindi nila alam [na vini-video na sila]. Bakit ngayon nadi-divert kung saan-saan ang issue,” she said.

“Ang pagkakasala ko sa buhay [ay] ang kadaldalan ko. Ngayon, parang ako na ang nag-video, parang tinuruan ko na, ‘Hayden, Katrina mag-sex kayo. Kukunan ko kayo.’ Parang ganoon lang,” she added.

She also said she remains unfazed by the criticisms.

“Kung sino man ang naglalabas niyan, kung akala nila makakatulong sa kanila, fine, make my day... Kung ang balak nila sirain ako, wala ka nang masisira sa akin sirang-sira na ako… Parang feeling ko, para akong patis sinasawsawan ng lahat ng issue,” she said. -Trina Lagura, With a report from Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News