Forster asks sons for cause of 'trauma'


Posted at Jul 15 2013 01:01 PM | Updated as of Jul 15 2013 09:01 PM

Jackie Forster with her two sons, Andre and Kobe

MANILA, Philippines -- Former actress Jackie Forster is still wondering why her sons with PBA legend Benjie Paras would not want to see her.

On her YouTube page, where she posted a video for her sons last Friday, Forster replied to one of followers, saying she wished her sons Andre and Kobe would say exactly "what they were traumatized by."

Forster stressed that rumors that she allegedly flirted with other men in front of her sons and also appeared intoxicated never happened.

"Bogi Day if you will post such details as factual I hope you would also include your personal details and sources so my lawyers can contact you. It's nice to know you keep yourself well informed by tabloids but just a little tip that seldom will you? source out the truth from such places," she wrote in reply to her follower.

"I just wish the kids would already say what they were traumatized by... I never got intoxicated in front of or while I was with my children and never did I so much as flirt with a man or men with them around. Ever," Forster added.

Forster also stressed that Paras didn't get custody of her children, explaining that she gave her sons to Paras because she needed to go back to school.

"Benjie didn't win custody';I gave it to him because I was supposed to study. Get your facts straight. Why online.... hmm let's see.. maybe there are bigger reasons.? Thank you first of all for caring enough to leave a message but before doing so do your research. Don't talk about things like they are factual unless you have proof. Reading tabloids and watching magazine talk shows isn't the best way to learn facts my dear. At any rate God bless your heart," Forster said.

Last month, Forster cried foul after watching an interview of Andre and Kobe, asking her to give them space and explaining that they were traumatized of what she did in the past.

Andre added fuel to the fire was he expressed their love to their stepmother, Lyxen Diomampo.

Paras, however, maintained that he is not prohibiting his sons from seeing their mother.

On Friday, Forster posted a video she made for her sons as her way of saying sorry to what happened in the past.