Derek reveals real score with Kris

by Vincent Garcia,

Posted at Jul 11 2014 06:33 PM | Updated as of Jul 12 2014 09:38 AM

MANILA - Derek Ramsay again denied that he is dating Kris Aquino, but admitted that he is grateful to have her as a "best friend" whom he can turn to for advice.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, the 37-year-old actor revealed that has has always been close with Aquino and that they make an effort to see each other despite their busy schedules.

"I have been very grateful that we are very, very close friends," he said about the television host.

"She knows a lot of things about my life that I'm comfortable telling her and she gives me advice on those aspects or whatever problems I have. Also, she asks me for advice," he continued.

"For someone like Kris Aquino to come to me and ask me for advice, it goes to show how she values our friendship," he added.

For the past two months, Aquino and Ramsay have been romantically linked to each other, with photos of the two going out for a movie fanning speculations.

Aquino also visited Ramsay while he was confined in a hospital due to pneumonia -- a gesture which the actor appreciates.

"I really appreciate it noong na-ospital ako one week, dumalaw siya sa hospital nung may sakit ako," he said.

To show his gratitude, Ramsay shared that he will be giving Aquino a Bichon Frise -- a hypoallergenic dog breed. He explained that Aquino has always wanted a dog as a pet, but would decide against getting one because of the allergies of her son, James "Bimby" Yap, Jr.

"It's not just a gift that you give to anybody. You have to know a person if the person is going to take care of the dog," he said.

Asked if he is dating anyone at the moment, Ramsay said that he is "happily single."

He admitted that his schedule, which includes promoting the romance-drama film "The Trophy Wife" with girlfriend Cristine Reyes, has been "killing" his personal life.

"I think it's just fair na tapusin ko muna tong mga ginagawa bago I set my mind to something like that," said Ramsay, who is also taping a reality TV show. "It's draining. I'm in and out of the hospital. I need to prioritize. Keep more time for myself to relax."