What happened between 2 'Planet of the Apes' films?


Posted at Jul 09 2014 05:55 PM | Updated as of Jul 10 2014 01:55 AM

MANILA -- The science fiction film "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," which opens in Philippine theaters on Wednesday, takes off 10 years after 2011's "Rise of the Planet of the Apes."

One might ask: What happened during those 10 years?

Twentieth Century Fox and VICE Media's Motherboard recently released three short films which show what happened after the viral outbreak of the Simian Flu at the end of the first "Apes" movie.

The first short film, "Spread of Simian Flu: Before the Dawn of the Apes (Year 1)" by director Isaiah Seret, chronicles the story of a mother quarantined after testing positive for the virus.

Meanwhile, "Struggling to Survive: Before the Dawn of the Apes (Year 5)," directed by Daniel Thorn, tells the story of a teenage girl who survived the Simian Flu outbreak that almost wiped out humanity.

On the 10th year after the "Rise," the film "Story of the Gun: Before the Dawn of the Apes" follows the "journey of a shotgun through the hands of several ill-fated owners as the Simian Flu ravages the world around them."

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