Meet Team Bamboo of 'Voice Kids'


Posted at Jul 03 2014 09:21 PM | Updated as of Jul 06 2014 08:01 AM

Team Bamboo. The Voice Kids/ABS-CBN

MANILA -- After Lea Salonga trimmed her team to its final two, it's the turn of rock icon Bamboo Manalac to field his young artists in The Battles and The Sing-Offs of "The Voice Kids" this weekend.

The 18 young singers will be divided into six groups of three members. Four groups will perform in the July 5 episode and two in July 6 episode, with only one from each group moving to the next round.

The six winners from the Battles will face each other in The Sing-Offs during Sunday's telecast, cutting Manalac's bets to two.

Maite Zubiri and Juan Karlos Labajo, both 13, will be competing against 11-year-old Julienne Echavez. Julienne and Juan Karlos, who both sang "Grow Old With You" in the Blind Auditions, turned one and two chairs, respectively. Maite's performance of "Stuck Like Glue," meanwhile, convinced two coaches to turn.

Julienne Echavez - Grow Old With You

Juan Karlos Labajo - Grow Old With You

Maite Zubiri - Stuck Like Glue

Three-chair turner Arianna Ocampo will face off against Katherine Medina, 14, and Stacy Pineda, 12. Thirteen-year-old Arianna sang "Tattoeed Heart" in the Blind Auditions, while Stacy and Katherine performed "Royals" and "If I Ain't Got You," respectively. Manalac was the lone coach to turn for Stacy. Katherine, on the other hand, managed to convince two coaches to press their buttons.

Katherine Medina - If I Ain't Got You

Arianna Ocampo - Tattooed Heart

Stacy Pineda - Royals

Edera Lopez, 12, Allina Malaiba, 14 and Borge Rivera, 13, make up one of Manalac's groupings in The Battles. Borge, Manalac's last recruit, sang "Stuttering" in the Blind Auditions. The rock icon was also the lone coach to turn for Edera and Allina, who performed "Clarity" and "Somewhere," respectively.

Edera Lopez - Clarity

Allina Malaiba - Somewhere

Borge Rivera - Stuttering

Three-chair turner Nathan Bautista, 8, will be pitted against Douglas Alabe, 11, and Junmark Amercin, 14, in The Battles. Manalac was the lone coach to press his button for Douglas and Junmark, who sang "Yesterday's Dream" and "Mula sa Puso" in the Blind Auditions. Nathan's rendition of "Don't Stop Believing," meanwhile, is considered one of the more memorable performances in the first leg of the competition.

Douglas Alabe - Yesterday's Dream

Junmark Amercin - Mula sa Puso

Nathan Bautista - Don't Stop Believing

Gem Capalad, 10, Zack Tabuldo, 12, and Rommel Bautista, 13, will be competing against each other in The Battles. In the Blind Auditions, Gem sang "Just Give Me A Reason," Zack performed "Sunday Morning," and Rommel gave a rendition of "Ako'y Sa'yo At Ika'y Akin Lamang." Manalac was the lone coach to turn for each of three young artists.

Gem Capalad - Just Give Me A Reason

Zack Tabuldo - Sunday Morning

Rommel Bautista - Ako'y Sa'yo At Ika'y Akin Lamang

Natsumi Saito, 12, will be competing against Edray Teodoro and Grazz Enriquez, both 13. In the Blind Auditions, Natsumi gave a rendition of "Price Tag," Edray sang "Killing Me Softly," while Grazz performed "Born This Way." Manalac was the lone coach to turn for each of the three girls.

Natsumi Saito - Price Tag

Edray Teodoro - Killing Me Softly

Grazz Enriquez - Born This Way

"The Voice Kids," hosted by Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga, airs Saturdays at 6:45 p.m. and on Sundays at 7:30 p.m.