Priscilla enjoys being a mom, wife


Posted at Jul 03 2012 03:00 PM | Updated as of Jul 03 2012 11:00 PM

MANILA, Philippines – While admitting that being a homemaker is a tough job, former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles said she really enjoys taking care of her husband and five-month-old daughter Anechka.

Celebrity couple John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles

In an interview with StarStudio Magazine, Meirelles said she takes pleasure in being a housewife.

“Starting a family is more of a mindset thing. Last year, I was so concerned with my pregnancy so this is the time that I am adjusting to married life. As a wife, I have obligations to do—to cook kahit tired ako, do the grocery... I don’t know if it’s cultural, or maybe that’s the way how he grew up. Basta he really expects that I do those things,” she said.

Meirelles said she loves being a hands-on mom because she enjoys spending time with her daughter despite the unsual sleeping and waking times.

“I really wanted it because it’s for the best. And it’s not a lifetime thing anyway. Ideally, I’m going to do it for at least six months. It just so happens that now I am relaxing more because we have a yaya that’s very good. So I am relying a little bit more on her so I can rest [and] produce milk for the baby. Because if I don’t have enough rest, I don’t have enough milk,” she said.

The former beauty queen added that Estrada also loves looking after their first born.

“Oh yes, he’s in love with our daughter. John is very strict and very hands-on with the baby. Sometimes I wish he’s not that much. But it’s good that he’s really involved,” she said.

Aside from spending time with her daughter, Meirelles shared that she looks forward to bonding time with Estrada given the actor’s busy schedule.

“Sometimes he can be very sweet, it really depends on his mood. Minsan para siyang hindi husband ko, parang brother ko, he bullies me a lot. He knows which buttons to push, e. Ako, hindi pwedeng quiet lang. He knows I have a big mouth. So when I answer back, he enjoys it, he laughs because it’s funny din the way I respond. We’re like cats and dogs,” she said.

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