US envoy Thomas loves 'Jazzipino' artist Clamor


Posted at Jul 01 2010 02:20 PM | Updated as of Jul 01 2010 10:43 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A regular Filipino music lover may not know Charmaine Clamor, but surprisingly US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. is one of her most loyal fans.

In an interview on ANC's “Headstart,” Thomas revealed that Subic-born Clamor is one of his favorite jazz artists.

"She comes to the Philippines once a year. She is 100% Filipino," the "Filipino-speaking" US ambassador proudly said.

Thomas said Clamor is the No. 4 top rated jazz singer in America.

'Jazzipino' artist Charmaine Clamor (Photo taken from


"She has 8 CDs, one American jazz standard, one Filipino folk song," he said, proving that he follows the Filipino jazz singer.

Thomas said one of his favorites is Clamor's "My Funny Brown Pinay."

"[In] My Funny Brown Pinay where she says my skin is brown, my nose is flat, but I am beautiful, it's a tribute to Filipino women to love and embrace themselves," he said.

In her official site, Clamor calls her music "jazzipino," which is a "swing of American jazz with traditional Filipino folk music."

One of her most famous albums is the chart-topping "Flippin’ Out" released in 2007.