Dolphy still in ICU 'indefinitely'


Posted at Jun 28 2012 06:04 PM | Updated as of Jun 29 2012 07:08 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- While his vital signs continue to improve, veteran actor and comedian Dolphy remains in critical condition at the Makati Medical Center (MMC), according to an executive of the hospital.

King of Comedy Dolphy. File photo

Dr. Eric Nubla, director of the MMC's patient relations, said the current condition of the country's "Comedy King" requires him to still be under intensive care.

"Mr. Quizon's vital signs have continued to improve but again, he's still in critical condition, so he's stil admitted at the ICU," Nubla said on Thursday, when he announced the latest medical bulletin on the film icon.

The doctor also reiterated the great strides in Dolphy's health condition, particularly with regards to his latest bout with pneumonia, his 11th in 11 months.

"He has been cleared of the pneumonia. He definitely does not have pneumonia at this point and he rests from dialysis and blood transfusion today," Nubla said.

Yesterday, Nubla said Dolphy's blood transfusions and dialysis sessions had to be administered periodically.

According to the doctor, the showbiz legend is also in less need of various medications, and no longer has "mini seizures," which Nubla attributed to metabolic encephalopathy.

"Some of his medicines are slowly being withdrawn according to how much of these he needs moving forward," Nubla said.

"Metabolic encephalopathy, a condition which has been mentioned previously, has been ruled out simply because he's more lucid, and the mini seizures that he used to experience have also stopped completely," he said.

Although there have been improvements in his condition, Dolphy still needs to be monitored under intensive care, primarily because of his faltering kidneys, which now only functions at 10% of its normal capacity.

"He remains in the ICU indefinitely, because his kidney function is still low," Nubla said.

"He is also being monitored closely and at this point he has developed an infection, principally because his immune system is still weak," he added.

Dolphy, who has been in the ICU for almost three weeks, continues to be visited by family members and friends from the entertainment industry.

Yesterday, the veteran actor made a breakthrough by making significant interactions with members of his family; he mouthed "I love you" to his long-time partner, singer Zsa Zsa Padilla, who continues to be at her side.