How Enrique Gil handles his money


Posted at Jun 26 2014 01:19 PM | Updated as of Jun 26 2014 09:19 PM

MANILA – He may be among the most popular young stars today but Enrique Gil still asks for daily allowance from his mother, who handles all his earnings from his showbiz commitments.

In the Thursday episode of “Kris TV,” Gil explained that he still wants his mom to look after his savings so he won't just buy unnecessary things.

“Day to day basis kami. She gives me tama lang for the day. I don’t want to touch it (savings) talaga. I want to keep them. Kasi kung ako ang may control, I’ll just keep on spending,” he said.

Gil said he actually seeks his mom’s permission first if ever he plans to buy something.

“Minsan I just call her up and say ‘Ma, I just bought a basketball ring.’ [I have ATM] but I don’t bring it. I don’t like bringing it. I always credit card lang. Tapos she says, ‘Quen ano ka ba it’s your money, it’s okay lang. Pera mo naman iyan, bakit ka nagsasabi?’” she said.

When it comes to his clothes, Gil said he also sometimes lets his mom pick what she thinks would fit him.

“She knows my style. Sometimes, when she goes out, ‘Ito gusto ni Quen yan.’ Alam niya. She just calls me to say, ‘Quen I saw this, I kn'ow you’ll like it.’ Pagdating, gusto ko nga,” he said.

“He was only 16 when he started. Just to put things in perspective, I said I’ll quit working and I’ll make a career out of his career,” the actor’s mother explained.

Gil added that he is fortunate to always have his mother by his side.