WATCH: Twist in re-released Charice music video


Posted at Jun 20 2014 08:50 PM | Updated as of Jun 21 2014 04:50 AM

MANILA - A music video for Charice's latest single "How Could An Angel Break My Heart" has been re-released by producer Star Records, this time with a story different from how it unfolded in the original video.

The four-minute video was first released in February with Charice and real-life partner Alyssa Quijano performing the song.

In the original version, a male stylist and his female assistant are seen dressing a female model for a shoot. The assistant is shown to be jealous of the two, who are apparently in a relationship.

The video ends with the assistant looking on as the model and the stylist leave together.

Using additional footage and different editing, the second version of the music video shows the same three characters, but with more interaction between the model and the assistant.

In one scene, the assistant helps the model put on an outfit behind curtains. The assistant also touches the model on her arm at one point, before the model finally approaches her in the last seconds of the video apparently to kiss her.

The ending, however, remains the same.

"How Could An Angel Break My Heart" is one of 13 tracks off her 4th studio album "Chapter 10," which was released last year by Star Records.