Amalia accepts Bianca's apology but...


Posted at Jun 18 2012 05:59 PM | Updated as of Jun 19 2012 04:14 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Amalia Fuentes has accepted the apology of Bianca Gonzalez, but she clarified that this does not mean the television host is already off the hook.

Fuentes sued Gonzalez for libel after the “Pinoy Big Brother” host wrote a column in the Philippine Star, which was published last February.

The article featured an interview with talent manager Annabelle Rama and her husband, actor Eddie Gutierrez. Here, Rama was quoted as saying something allegedly bad about Fuentes.

Gonzalez had already apologized to Fuentes twice, saying she never really intended to put the actress in a bad light.

Actress Amalia Fuentes

In an exclusive interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) last Saturday, Fuentes said what Gonzalez did was irresponsible journalism.

“I appreciate na [nag]-apologize siya but still, it doesn’t mean that she’s already off the hook because hindi matutuloy ‘yong one count na 'yon ng libel without involving her only because, only because, ha… First of all, she wrote something that is irresponsible journalism. Sumusulat pa naman siya sa isang broadsheet na hindi naman tabloid ang pinagsulatan niya,” she said,

Fuentes said she felt demeaned after she read Gonzalez’s piece.

“Eh dapat she should be more responsible than the usual... dahil hindi naman niya ako kilala and I’ve been out of the limelight for so long. I felt demeaned na isusulat niya ‘yong ako sinigawan ni Annabelle Rama," she said.

‘It never happened’

Fuentes reiterated that the incident which Gonzalez mentioned in the article never really happened.

“Everything that Bianca wrote is not true, it is a big lie. Do you think an Amalia Fuentes will accept ‘yong mura ni Annabelle Rama? So, everything that Bianca wrote on that Valentine issue kuno is not true. Ngayon, she should have been more discerning about her subject — kung talaga bang nagsasabi siya ng katotohanan or if that’s just for media mileage?” the actress said.

Fuentes said it is a good thing that Gonzalez apologized not only to her but also to Fuentes's loved ones who were hurt by the article.

“Let her know this: Pamilya ko, si Liezl (Martinez) nasaktan, pati apo ko because parang immoral ang kanilang grandmother na, at this late stage of my life, in-involve pa niya [Annabelle] ako kay Eddie Gutierrez. Wala naman kaming love team ni Eddie Gutierrez. Ang love team ko si Romeo Vasquez. Bakit ako ang in-involve ni Annabelle Rama sa asawa niya?” she said.

Fuentes, meantime, emphasized that she has nothing personal against Gonzalez, saying the host only got dragged to the issue because of her story.

“I have nothing against her. As a matter of fact I have never met her. I used to watch her kapag nagho-host. Ngayon, sabihin mo, hindi porke't in-interview mo, may sinabing gano’n ka-libelous, eh isusulat mo na? Hindi naman lahat ng sinasabi ng interviewee... kailangan kayong mga press mayroon din kayong discernment na ‘Magagawa ba ‘to ni Annabelle kay Amalia Fuentes noon?’ I want Bianca to know better—that I’m not a pushover, Bianca,” she said.

Advice for Bianca

Television host Bianca Gonzalez

Fuentes also gave some advice for Gonzalez.

“Please, make sure who you are naming names in your article. If you don’t want any more libel suits, please mag-ano siya sa tao, if she wanted to name me, she should have called me first. Because number one, it is a lie, a big lie. Everything that she wrote there is a big lie.

“Number two, I don’t want to be in any way, involved with Eddie Gutierrez. If she wants, involve niya si Pilita [Corales], dahil si Pilita wala siyang magagawa, tatanggapin niya ‘yon dahil may anak siya kay Eddie, o si Liza Lorena. But to involve me? Why me? Siguro kasi gusto ni Annabelle ‘yong mas sikat kay Pilita at kay Liza Lorena, kaya ako ang napili niya.

“Pangatlo, dapat nagtanong-tanong muna si Bianca, ‘Sino ba itong Amalia Fuentes na ito na isusulat ko ang pangalan? Ito ba talaga ay na-involve kay Eddie?’ Kasi ‘yon lang naman ang masama, nilagay niya pa ‘yong complete name ko... There’s no such incident; that is a big lie because nobody—not even Annabelle Rama—can do that to me,” Fuentes said.