'My Dear Heart' finale: Dr. Margaret makes the ultimate sacrifice


Posted at Jun 17 2017 02:51 AM | Updated as of Jun 17 2017 07:34 AM

Say a prayer for the soul of Dr. Margaret (Coney Reyes), who sacrificed her last breath so the young Heart (Nayomi Ramos), whom she recently found out to be her granddaughter, could live. 

In the series' final episode, both could be seen battling for their lives. But it was Margaret who took Heart's place, when heaven came calling. "Masyado pa siyang bata. Ako na lang po ang kunin Ninyo," she said. 

It was a surprising act of selflessness for someone who neglected her own children to pursue fame and fortune early on. But it also perfectly illustrates the change she went through once Heart came into the picture. 

After blaming herself for putting Heart into a coma, she made it her life's mission to wake her up. Her determination only grew through this little fantasy quirk where she could see Heart's soul wandering about, a visual metaphor about guilt-turned-real.

Through it, she got to know Heart as this angelic, super sweet and kind kid who was unfortunately rid of a normal family life once she was diagnosed with a deadly heart condition. She taught her the value of family and the importance of love, typical lessons from a family drama of this type. 

The rest of the episode tackled Jude's (Zanjoe Marudo) dilemma. With Heart now alive, he now has to make a decision, whether to raise her with Clara (Bela Padilla) or hand her over to Dr. Gia, his ex who is the daughter of Dr. Margaret and the biological mother of Heart. 

Gia, being the real mom, proposed to take Heart to London to get to know her better. In a surprisingly cruel twist, she threatens to take them to court if they didn't accept. 

Jude had no choice but to go with the more heartbreaking one, which led to an airport chase-down scene. Realizing that he will fight for his daughter, Jude drove off to stop Gia. 

What he didn't know is that Gia also had the same epiphany. How could you break apart such a happy family, she mused. "Ako na lang ang aalis, Jude," she said. 

"Babalik din ako kapag handa na ako. I'm going to be a better mother for our daughter. Pero habang hindi pa nangyayari iyon, kayo na muna ang bahala sa kanya."