Anne, Georgina had rocky start over Richard


Posted at Jun 16 2012 01:40 PM | Updated as of Jun 16 2012 09:41 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Model-host Georgina Wilson and actress Anne Curtis did not become friends right away, as a common past initially marred any chance of them becoming acquaintances at the very least.

Composite image of Anne Curtis, Richard Gutierrez and Georgina Wilson. File Photo

Wilson and Curtis, who are now in the same celebrity circle of friends, were at first avoiding other because of a shared past with actor Richard Gutierrez, who at different times were in a relationship with the famous beauties.

Model-host Isabelle Daza, a common friend of Wilson and Curtis and the former's first cousin, shared with fashion magazine Preview that Wilson was initially closed to the possibility of being friends with the "It's Showtime" host.

"Georgina and I didn't like Anne before, only because she was the ex of Richard; it was an ex-girlfriend thing," Daza said.

At the time, Wilson was in a relationship with Gutierrez -- the actor's first girlfriend after ending his one-year relationship with Curtis in 2004.

"But one time I got to hang out with Anne and she was really cool, she was really nice. 'George,' I told her, 'you should really get to know Anne,'" Daza said.

Wilson, however, was clear she was not ready to become chums with the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend quite yet.

Slumber party

It took one night at the defunct metro club Embassy, however, to change the tides, Daza shared.

Curtis approached Wilson, Daza recounted, and told her, "Let's just forget about the whole thing."

Wilson eventually relented as the night went on, and somehow ended up having a slumber party at Curtis' place with Daza and their siblings.

Daza recalled telling Curtis at the time that they "used to hate her." But since that night, a friendship among the women would blossom, which would become the fascination of the showbiz beauties' respective followers.

"Our friendship really happened organically," Wilson said, referring to Curtis and their circle of friends.

"We used to hang out everyday. Life just got so much more serious. Everyone's so busy. But it's a good thing, because I feel the best kinds of friendships are the ones that grow. We still know how to have fun, but what's fun for me now is watching my friends do well," Wilson added.

Wilson, who is currently hosting cable lifestyle program "The Source," is now in a relationship with model Borgy Manotoc. She and Gutierrez, who started dating in 2005, separated in 2007.

Curtis, who is currently shooting Hollywood film "Blood Ransom," is now in a relationship with model-chef Erwan Heussaff. Curtis and Gutierrez would eventually co-star in a film "In Your Eyes" in 2010.