'Dolce Amore': How Serena reacted to competition between suitors


Posted at Jun 16 2016 05:26 AM

MANILA -- Returning to Bohol has not yet brought significant progress to Serena's (Liza Soberano) memory.

She is still clueless about what happened in Manibugho two years ago. However, seeing familiar faces and places seem to help her relax amid the pressure to remember things from her past.

Yaya Melds (Frenchie Dy) and Tatay Cardo (Rommel Padilla) are also trying to help Serena remember the good times she had with them.

Meanwhile, Tenten (Enrique Gil) and Giancarlo (Matteo Guidicelli) are focused on finding ways to impress Serena. Instead of helping her, they are adding stress brought by the strong competition between them.

In one instance, the two accepted the challenge of doing "palo sebo" -- a traditional Filipino game that requires one to climb a greased bamboo pole.

Here's how Serena reacted:

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