Does Ruffa have a new boyfriend?


Posted at Jun 15 2014 10:55 PM | Updated as of Jun 16 2014 06:57 AM

MANILA -- Does actress Ruffa Gutierrez have a new man in his life?

On Sunday's episode of “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez” which aired on E! Channel, twins Raymond and Richard Gutierrez, along with Sarah Lahbati, speculated about their older sister's love life.

Raymond mentioned that he noticed that their sister had been posting love and inspirational quotes on her Instagram account, leading to speculations that she is in love.

"Is she hiding someone?" Raymond asked.

Richard said he saw a picture posted on Tim Yap's Instagram account of their sister with a man.

The three then speculated if the man, who is a foreigner, is just a friend or already her boyfriend.

"How do you find a guy when everyone's intimidated by you?" Raymond said about his sister.

In another location, Ruffa was shown having a conversation with her daughters Lorin and Venice. She asked her daughters if it will be okay if she has a new baby, since the girls are grown up.

The two got excited with the idea, but noted that their mother should just adopt a baby.

"Why will I adopt when I can make babies?" said Ruffa.

Venice said she wants a British baby, and Ruffa joked that she'll just look for a British boyfriend.

However, her daughters said that if their mother will have a new boyfriend, he should pass their "checklist."

Lorin and Venice said their mother's new boyfriend shouldn't smoke, should only drink refined alcohol (wine and champagne), and should be classy.

"Can he be short?" Ruffa asked her daughters.

Venice said he can't be short because she doesn't want to bend down for him.

"I'm making it sure that you do not fall into the hands of the "right guy" and get heartbroken, again," Lorin told her mother.

Meanwhile, the family went to Singapore for a cruise onboard the Superstar Virgo. It was a special vacation for the family, as it was not often that they go on a trip as a complete family.