LOOK: Richard, Sarah Lahbati show off baby


Posted at Jun 08 2014 10:37 PM | Updated as of Jun 09 2014 06:37 AM

MANILA -- Richard Gutierrez and his girlfriend, actress Sarah Lahbati, finally introduced their son to the public after keeping him secret for more than a year.

On Sunday's episode of “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez” which aired on E! Channel, Gutierrez shared their experience in taking care of their son while they were in Geneva, Switzerland.

"In Geneva, nobody would help us. There was no household help, it was just me and Sarah," he said.

"We were alternating because baby Zion would wake up in the middle of the night, I will change his diapers, I will make his milk, and Sarah would sleep. During the daytime, I would sleep, and Sarah would take care of baby Zion," he added.

Despite the hardships that they had to go through, Gutierrez considered it a wonderful experience.

"Not a lot of sleep, but I wouldn't change it for the world," he said.

Bringing Zion back to Manila

The rest of the episode focused on how the family brought Zion back to Manila without letting anyone know.

Gutierrez recalled how media bombarded him and Lahbati with questions as soon as they got off the plane in Manila.

"It was also so hard for them because the media was so hungry for answers," said Richard's twin brother, Raymond.

Seeing the public's reaction to their arrival, the couple started thinking of a plan to bring back their son to Manila.

Gutierrez also consulted his family, telling them how much he wants to bring his son back, but at the same time, worrying about the consequences it might bring.

"We were going through a lot. My contract's about to end, Sarah's in the middle of her contract," Gutierrez added.

With the help of his parents, Eddie Gutierrez and Annabel Rama, and Lahbati's mom, Esther, the baby was able to enter the country without anyone knowing about it.

The actor's parents went to the airport to pick up their grandson, who was traveling with his grandmother.

They parked near the exit, and as soon as baby Zion and his grandmother arrived, the baby's stroller was covered with a blanket.

Gutierrez said they did not have any problems with the Immigration officials, as baby Zion and Lahbati's mother have the same last name.

Prior to posting her son's picture, Lahbati also posted her baby pictures, saying that she also had curly hair -- just like Zion.

Before the end of the episode, both Gutierrez and Lahbati posted the same picture of baby Zion on the image-sharing site Instagram.