'Dolce Amore': Serena calls off engagement with Giancarlo


Posted at Jun 07 2016 01:16 PM


MANILA -- After hearing the truth straight from Tenten (Enrique Gil), Serena (Liza Soberano) decided to return to Italy.

Tenten, of course, chased her in an attempt to make her stay. He drove as fast as he could to the airport and even begged a security official to let him in. Despite that, his efforts did not pay off at the end of the day.

Serena was firm with her decision to fly back to Italy and confront her problems alone. She was determined to find more about the truth -- something that the people she called family have been hiding for so long.

As she reached home, Serena was greeted by her fiance, Giancarlo (Matteo Guidicelli). But instead of giving him warm hugs and kisses, Serena quickly slapped her fiance. It was his price for lying to her, for fabricating stories and making Serena believe of the love story that never existed.

"You said that I am the love of your life. But how can you be in a relationship that is a lie?" Serena asked.

"I only asked for one thing-- the truth. And what did you do? You used my situation to rewrite my past. So that I could be the person you want me to be."

And without any hesitation, Serena removed the ring from her finger and called their engagement off.

"I can't get married to someone who lied to me, someone who made me believe that I loved him," she said.

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