Mark Bautista recalls surviving Seattle shooting incident


Posted at Jun 06 2017 06:03 PM


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What was supposed to be just a normal car ride turned into a harrowing story of what it felt like to be caught in a shootout for Mark Bautista. 

On Instagram, the singer-actor recalled how terrified he was after an unidentified suspect began shooting at the car he was riding through a street in Seattle, Washington Monday night (US time). 

"GOD THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING US," he wrote as he shared a photo of the attacker, whom he said was holding two guns, peering from the sunroof of a vehicle in front of them. "This is the most terrifying moment I've ever experienced in my whole life."

"I'm happy that we're safe now but when I found out that our car was actually hit by a bullet where I was seated, I was literally shaking and my hands were cold. The picture of the gunman firing two guns right in front of us is still so clear to me. 

"It could happen to anyone and anywhere," he added. 

The Seattle Police Department confirmed the incident, saying that numerous shots were fired from the occupants of two vehicles along Washington's Rainier Avenue causing property damage to businesses and parked vehicles. There were no injuries, it furthered. 

As of writing, authorities have yet to identify the suspects. 

Bautista is currently in Seattle as part of the US staging of "Here Lies Love," a musical about former first lady Imelda Marcos. Bautista plays the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the musical. 


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