Saab Magalona to sue attacker

by Miguel Dumaual,

Posted at Jun 05 2014 04:04 AM | Updated as of Oct 13 2016 04:37 PM

MANILA - Actress Saab Magalona faced reporters on Wednesday after revealing a recent incident wherein she was allegedly punched on the head several times by a drunk man.

Magalona, a daughter of the late OPM icon Francis Magalona, was one of the guest performers at the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards press launch held at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

"Of course it was a very traumatizing experience, but now the case is with our lawyers," Magalona told reporters on the sidelines of the event.

Magalona confirmed that she is filing a case against her attacker, but declined to give further details.

The 25-year-old first spoke about the incident in a post on her personal blog published Tuesday.

She said her attacker was "part of a group of uninvited guests to an intimate and private birthday celebration."

Magalona claimed that the celebrant as well as other guests were also attacked by the group, "but fortunately a medical evaluation showed no major and permanent damage physically."

The incident reportedly took place during a party organized by rock icon Ely Buendia at a hotel in Pasig.

"Some of the people who were there wanted to fight back, but I said, 'That's not going to get us anywhere,'" Magalona said.

According to the actress, a female companion of the "gatecrashers" who also struck her immediately said sorry.

"Pero, 'di ba, para sa akin, hindi naman puwedeng sorry lang. 'Sorry, lasing ako, inupakan kita.' You have [to face] the consequences of your actions," she said.

'I handled it responsibly'

Asked how her mother, Pia, reacted after being told about the incident, Magalona said, "Of course she was very angry."

"As a mom, 'di ba, she was like, 'I should have told her about this as soon as it happened.' I didn't [try to hide it from her], but it happened at around 3 a.m. so I didn't want to wake her up and worry her," she said.

Magalona added: "And of course, I'm 25 years old, I'm an adult. I think I handled it very responsibly, I went to get a medico-legal and went straight to the police station."

Had her father been around, Magalona said he would be proud of how she handled the situation and that she had no part in instigating the attack.

"Siyempre naiyak ako when it finally sank in, pero kasi siyempre, you know, my father would have been really angry. Pero I think he would be proud about... Kasi I didn't ask for it, I wasn't out looking for trouble. It could happen to anyone, anywhere," Magalona said.

"I think lang na he will be proud that I'm taking a stand against it," she added.

Magalona said she feels confident after talking to lawyers, adding that she is drawing strength from her friends, family, and fans.

"I'm more kampante na na those people know na we're looking for them and they will not go back and harm me," she said.