Daniella breaks silence about aunt Claudine


Posted at Jun 01 2014 07:41 PM | Updated as of Jun 02 2014 03:41 AM

Daniella Barretto

MANILA – Daniella Barretto, the eldest daughter of Marjorie Barretto, admitted that she was offended when her aunt Claudine said on TV that she is ungrateful and without good manners.

Claudine made the statements after she felt that Daniella’s posts on Twitter last week were in reference to her. Claudine and Marjorie are currently involved in a feud, which also includes their other sister, Gretchen, and the rest of their family.

In an exclusive interview with “The Buzz” which aired on Sunday, Daniella said she was more hurt than mad at what her aunt said of her.

“She said na wala na daw siyang pakialam sa akin kasi bastos daw ako and wala akong utang na loob. Pinahiya niya ako. Sira na ako agad sa mata ng tao. Hindi pa nila ako nakikilala, she already made people believe na wala akong utang na loob and bastos ako… [Pero] mas nasasaktan ako than nagagalit ako sa kanya,” she said.

According to Daniella, Claudine only misinterpreted her posts on social media because the tweets weren’t really meant for the embattled actress.

“When she came out on TV, she released other tweets of mine that weren’t really for her. Actually last year ko pa yatang mga tweets 'yun. But I’m already answering it now – it wasn’t meant for her,” she said.

Asked if she was really bashing Claudine on Twitter, Daniella said, “No. I have no idea where that came from. When she was interviewed during Mother’s Day, I saw my mom cry. And then doon na ako – alam mo 'yung anak ka eh. Ide-defend mo 'yung nanay mo. I did tweet something that day. But I realized that I shouldn’t so I erased it right away. But she saw it.”

“After her interview, haters were non-stop, below the belt 'yung mga sinasabi like wala kang modo, mukha kang kabayo, pangit ka. So nag-tweet ako. And she said that pinalaki niya kami, wala daw akong utang na loob. And doon na-offend ako for my mom because my mom never left, she was always here. Sinabi ko na walang ibang nagpalaki sa amin kundi mommy ko. Doon siya na-offend,” Daniella added.

Daniella stressed that she never denied what Claudine has done to help their family.

“I thank her for everything that she has done for my family, when she’d take us out, when she’d shower us with so many gifts. Hindi ko naman dine-deny 'yun. Hindi ko naman sinabi na hindi siya naging parte ng buhay ko,” she said.

Responding to Claudine’s remark that she was the one who “drew first blood,” Danille said, “I don’t think so. The first time I tweeted, she thought that it was for her. I wasn’t attacking her. That’s two different things – attacking somebody and defending somebody. I was just defending my mom.”

After keeping quiet for the longest time, Daniella said she is only breaking her silence now because she feels that what’s being said is “too much already.”

“Ayaw na namin makisali eh. We stayed neutral by keeping quiet but then this one, it was direct attack sa akin na. Parang teka lang naman, bakit biglang ako na? We could have talked about this over the phone. I would have explained myself. But wala na, parang lumabas lang siya sa TV,” she said.

Daniella, who admits she was close to Claudine when she was younger, is Marjorie’s daughter with Kier Legaspi.