Dawn to millennials: Be responsible in using social media


Posted at May 23 2016 08:06 PM

MANILA -- Working with the younger set has introduced veteran actress Dawn Zulueta to the word of millennials.

The 47-year-old recently worked with director Gino Santos, 26, and actress Coleen Garcia, 23, for the movie "Love Me Tomorrow."

According to Zulueta, millennials are "very bright" and are ahead of their time because of the Internet.

"In my generation, wala kaming Internet. Because of Internet kasi, I think, mas madaling maka-form ng opinions even at a very young age," she said.

She added that millennials are "independent thinkers," who have more freedom to express their views and opinions on various platforms like social media.

She noted, however, that greater freedom entails greater responsibility.

"Millennials these days should also be careful that they do not wield the power that they have now for the wrong reasons," she said.

She believes extra caution is necessary when voicing out ideas on social media.

"Dapat maging mas maingat sila. Dapat maging mas masinop sila, and hindi sila padalos-dalos sa mga sini-share nilang ideas. It's tricky and it's hard to do when you are young, but it takes maturity, of course," she said.