Curious about Wanderland? Meet Paper Kites

By Joko Magalong

Posted at May 14 2014 01:21 PM | Updated as of May 14 2014 10:46 PM

MANILA -- The much-anticipated Wanderland 2014 is finally happening on Saturday, May 17, at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Makati, with a line-up composed of local indie greats and international musical favorites.

Among the foreign bands who will be coming to perform at Wanderland is the Melbourne-based Paper Kites, composed of members Sam Bentley (vocals, guitars, keys), Christina Lacy (vocals, guitars, keys), David Powys (vocal, guitars, banjo, lap steel), Josh Bentley (drums, percussion), and Sam Rasmussen (bass, synth).

Classified as “indie folk” band, the Paper Kites have steadily increased their fan base and reach by consistent word of mouth of their unique musical stylings which delve into different genres with some songs getting a surprising twist, perhaps some synth or some blues.

Their music is at times both relaxing and exciting, seemingly able to speak perfectly about a certain moment, which explains why one of their songs, "Featherstone," was used by the show "Grey’s Anatomy" in its eighth season finale.

The band's debut album, "States," was released last year to favorable reviews.

In an interview with, vocalist Powys discusses the band’s music, influences and plans for their debut performance in the Philippines.

Q: Your music has been “classified” as inspired by folk, but not straight-up folk. Can you give us some of the genres that you take inspiration from or have included/or taken from in your music? More specifically your debut album, "States"?

A: Well its' pretty eclectic, I think. Anywhere from psych-rock to alt-country, classic '60s folk like Simon & Garfunkel.

Q: Any artists that inspire you?

A: Yes! One that comes to mind right at this moment would be Jeff Buckley.

Q: Why is your debut album named "States"?

A: It refers to "states of mind." The song content through the album visits a vast array of feelings, points of view and stories. So it's really an encompassing title for the album I think.

Q: Your music videos are always different and innovative. Can you let us know a bit about how your videos come about? (Do you usually come up with the concept? Do you collaborate?)

A: Sam B usually comes up with the concepts and shares his ideas with other artists including us, which translates to getting the right people on board to making the videos happen.

Q: What’s your favorite of the videos that you’ve done?

A: I really like the video for "St Clarity." I personally had nothing to do with this clip, so it felt great seeing it for the first time!

Q: What can the Filipino fans look forward to in your show?

David: Plenty of sing-alongs and good times all round I hope!

Tickets are available for P4,800 via SM Tickets and Ticketnet. TheWanderland Music & Arts Festival 2014 is organized by Karpos Multimedia, Inc. For more information about Wanderland 2014, visit:, facebook/wanderlandfest, facebook/KarposMultimedia, Twitter/wanderlandfest, Instagram/wanderlandfest.