Mo Twister makes public apology to Charice


Posted at May 10 2012 09:28 AM | Updated as of May 11 2012 12:29 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Radio personality Mo Twister publicly apologized to international singing sensation Charice on Thursday morning via his Magic 89.9 show "Good Times."

The controversial disc jockey, Mohan Gumatay in real life, said sorry to the singer after he, along with DJs Tin Gamboa and Mia Bayuga, started the Twitter hashtag #charicepempengcosextape on the microblogging site Twitter “as a joke” while their show “GoodTimes” was airing on Wednesday morning.

Gumatay said their "joke" about Charice was their way to compete with a rival show.

"We were trying to be competitive with other radio shows. The focus of our mind was let's trend, like let's beat them because it's competition... that was on our mind... It's so stupid because in our 'greediness' to be popular on Twitter we forgot... who's gonna get hurt. After the all we high-five each other and 'yeah men, we trend it' and we go 'oh my God, it's so stupid.'

"So we apologize a million times, to your fans... the people behind her career at all aspects, Philippines, abroad. Everyone abroad, who listens to our show because she's international star, again a million, million apology for that.”

Gumatay said he already called up Charice and personally apologized.

"I called up Charice and said, 'Hey listen, I'll tell you right now we're gonna be suspended and we should be suspended. But if you want to lengthen the suspension just tell me and I'll forward that to the management... and her representative was 'well, she's not the type of person who will do something like that.' I said, 'Please just say that you want us off aired, that's the conviction I had, how bad I felt I was like that I felt horrible... you can say any amount of suspension and I'll follow it.' ...She was like 'no,no. If they're gonna suspend you for two weeks, that's what it is and I'm not gonna add any, (she's) not that type of person.' And I was like 'oh my God, now I feel hundred times worse for doing it."

In the show, Gumatay also explained why he, Gamboa and Bayuga used Charice as the subject of their “joke.”

"Why it was Charice? Remember the point of the whole thing was we have to come up with something so outrageous that it can never be true and that's why 'charicepempengcosextape' because we all know there's no way in hell that would happen to her. I mean that would happen to me a hundred thousand times more before they even video her kissing someone. I mean this is so out there and impossible that's we taught was the funny part of it. We weren't insinuating ever that's there was one," he explained.