Jamie Rivera on family planning: 'I believe in rhythm'


Posted at May 06 2011 05:29 PM | Updated as of May 07 2011 08:04 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Inspirational Diva Jamie Rivera finally revealed her stand on family planning.

Rivera shared her thoughts in light of the continued clash over the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

In an interview on ANC’s “Headstart” anchored by Karen Davila, Rivera stressed she believes in the rhythm method, one of the natural ways to avoid pregnancy.

“I still believe in rhythm (method),” Rivera said.

Rivera, a loving wife and a mother to her only child, also shared that she never tried to use any form of contraception.

Asked for her thoughts about the controversial RH Bill, the popular religious singer replied: “I'm half-half. To be honest, I'm half-half because families, also mothers, have the right also to plan their families. They have the right to plan their future. So, these are help that they could get and education that they could acquire through the RH Bill.

“But at the same time, the Bible also says ... to increase our number of kids, I mean, like, to procreate. So for me it's half-half. You cannot just say that 'no this is just an RH Bill. You can just do this. And the other one, no, you cannot.'"

Rivera, who gave birth to her child when she was 31, admitted that until now, she still dreams of having another child.