Zsa Zsa admits going through tough time


Posted at May 03 2012 03:46 PM | Updated as of May 04 2012 02:40 AM

King of Comedy Dolphy with Zsa Zsa Padilla. File photo

MANILA, Philippines -- Singer and actress Zsa Zsa Padilla revealed that the past couple of years have been tough for her as she had to make major decisions for her family.

In an interview with Working Mom's May 2012 issue, Padilla said she is now the head of the family and that it hasn't been easy since it's a big group.

Compounding her woes is that she's also dealing with hormonal changes.

Fortunately, she said her partner, the King of Comedy Dolphy Quizon, has a positive disposition.

"Dolphy is very cheerful. It's very seldom that he's a combative patient. Most of the time, he's just happy, so it's hard to complain. Cool na cool siya about a lot of things," Padilla said.

"When you put a TV in front of him or you let him listen to his favorite playlist, he's in another world na. Madali siyang pasayahin," the singer added.

Padilla also admitted it's been difficult for her not to be emotional, and this led her to break down in a press conference early this year.

"Sometimes I can't hide it when I sing, if I'm acting, I can use it... I call it my outlet for tears," Padilla confessed.

With all the trials she's facing, she said she also gets her strength from her daughters Nicole, Karylle and Zia, who's now enjoying a fast-rising music career.

Currently, Padilla is finishing the film "I Do Bidoo Bidoo."


For the full feature on Padilla, read the May 2012 issue of Working Mom magazine.