Antoinette denies Andi-Tom Taus 'romance'


Posted at Apr 30 2014 06:55 PM | Updated as of May 01 2014 02:59 AM

MANILA – Antoinette Taus denied that her younger brother, Tom Taus, has romantic ties with Andi Eigenmann.

This comes after the 23-year-old Kapamilya actress was spotted a number of times at public events with Tom, a former ABS-CBN child star who is now a professional DJ in the United States, along with some friends.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News’ Gretchen Fullido over the weekend in Boracay, Antoinette stressed Tom and Eigenmann are just friends since they have known each other since childhood.

In 1996, Tom co-starred with Eigenmann's parents, Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose, in the family movie "Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe."

"Honestly talaga, they are just childhood friends," Antoinette said. "Parang ginagawan lang ng issue because they have been hanging out, which ako din naman, I've been hanging out with her because I've known her since she was a little girl. So no, they are not together."

Antoinette said people probably just misinterpreted the circulating photos of the two. “They are good friends, they are hanging out and that's it. Binibigyan lang ng kulay ng people of the world,” she reiterated.

Staying for good

Meanwhile, Antoinette shared she will now be staying in the Philippines for good.

“Dapat bakasyon lang talaga and then now parang sa lahat ng mga nangyari, parang nag-snowball effect so I'm staying. I'm staying na talaga. Before parang I wasn't suer pero now staying na,” she said.

As for her brother, she said, “Tom is going to be doing a lot of travelling. Feeling ko magiging home base niya ang Philippines but he'll be travelling a lot.”

Antoinette said she is happy to be back here again, 10 years since their family decided to move to the United States.

“I learned a lot of things. I'm a different person because of those ten years in the States… But I super really really want to get back to what I used to do, as in back in the game -- singing, acting and everything. I'm really excited for things to come,” she said.

Asked if she’s still bothered by news linking her to her former boyfriend, actor Dingdong Dantes, she said, “Honestly, parang it's so stupid. Parang 'yung ibang tao pa 'yung naa-affect. Ako, I really don't care. Natatawa na lang ako kasi ginagawan nila ng issue because it's such old news.”

Antoinette said she and Dantes are now living their separate lives and stressed that there is no issue between them.

“Wala ng kwento yun. Masaya sila, masaya ako. I'm back but it doesn't mean anything between us. We live separate lives. We are both happy and both good,” she said.