Inday Barretto: Best friend paid to defend Gretchen


Posted at Apr 29 2013 04:37 PM | Updated as of Apr 30 2013 12:37 AM

Mrs. Inday Barretto (left) and former actress Tanya Montenegro (right)

MANILA, Philippines – The matriarch of the Barretto family believes her daughter Gretchen paid former actress Tanya Montenegro to speak up and refute her earlier statements.

Montenegro, Gretchen’s best friend, came out over the weekend saying the Barrettos never had a chauffeur “because it was always Jay-Jay, their brother, who would take them to school.”

“She paid this Tania Montenegro! I don’t know for how much! Walang naniniwala,” Mrs. Barretto said in a phone interview with entertainment website

Mrs. Barretto said Montenegro is in no position to contest what she said, as well as those asserted by her daughter, Gia, because she is not part of their family.

“So, she refuted it? How does she know? Does she come to our house? Alam ko, pini-pick up lang namin sila (Montenegro) noong araw on their way to work... Now if you ask me to make a comment, ang masasabi ko lang, the problem with lies is you have to build it up with some more lies,” she said.

“Who is she (Montenegro) and where did she come from? She’s not even a part of my family. She’s away-bati, away-bati with Gretchen. They are the ones who used to malign her. The only trouble I had with them is once or twice [I had] to defend Gretchen, and [now] out of nowhere, she (Montenegro) comes,” she added.

Calling Gretchen’s move to ask Montenegro to defend her a desperate act, Mrs. Barretto said: “It brings me back to saying na the trouble with lying is to tell more lies to back it up. And if you’re not credible, be it Gretchen or anyone, you have to hire 'character' kind of people to pull you up.”

Mrs. Barretto also addressed the issue when Gretchen was supposedly not able to take her exams when she was in grade school because of her unpaid tuition.

“Iisang school pinapasukan nila [magkakapatid], hindi binayaran ang tuition niya? Ano ba naman ‘yan? Alam mo, you let them write it, they will be the laughing stock,” Mrs. Barretto said.

As to the issue that Gretchen did not have enough food for recess and lunch then, Mrs. Barretto said: "We’re talking about what, forty years ago? Hindi naman ako ang nagpe-prepare ng baon, hindi naman ako ang nagpe-prepare ng sandwiches nila and everything. There was somebody doing that.”

Mrs. Barretto said it is also untrue that Gretchen did not feel any love from her parents when she was young.

“That’s not true. That’s what’s been talked about na, ‘Ano naman ang ginawa nila sa batang iyan? Napaka-kawawa, that and that.' But that’s a very self-serving, very self-serving, ano. Hindi totoo ‘yan! And many can attest to that. At this point, I really don’t need to prove anything,” she said.

Mrs. Barretto maintained she never played favorites among her seven children.

“Wala naman akong favorite sa kanila. Tapos naman, ako, [sa] lahat sa kanila, ano naman sila sa attention and protection from us,” she said.