LOOK: Gordon Ramsay follows Myrtle on Twitter


Posted at Apr 22 2017 03:17 AM


MANILA — Gordon Ramsay, known for his acerbic approach when it comes to judging food creations, may have a soft side to him after all.

The "MasterChef" host apparently began following Myrtle Sarrosa on Twitter after the popular cosplayer of "Pinoy Big Brother" fame sent Ramsay a photo of her corn omelette on Friday.

"I don't usually cook but I hope this corn omelette makes you smile," she wrote on Twitter. 

This is normally the part where Ramsay goes off on a social media follower, but the culinary gods seemed to have smiled on Sarrosa, who noticed that Ramsay joined Sarrosa's list of followers.

Her reaction? "This just made my day! I can't believe Gordon Ramsay followed me back after I sent him a photo of my recent attempt at cooking," she wrote on Facebook. 

With more than 4.79 million followers, Ramsay is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter.