Andi asks Jake: Why take away Ellie from me?


Posted at Apr 21 2017 05:23 PM

Andi Eigenmann took to Twitter and once again ranted about Jake Ejercito. Photos from their Instagram accounts

Andi Eigenmann has launched another furious tirade against Jake Ejercito, calling out her former boyfriend for trying to take away their five-year-old daughter Ellie from her. 

On Twitter, the actress ranted about Ejercito's plan to file a joint custody petition over Ellie, questioning the timing of it and describing the move as "heartless." 

"Sucks to know that there really are heartless people in this world. Sucks even more to know they are the ones in power," Eigenmann wrote as she lashed out at her ex, who is also the son of Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada. 

The "Greatest Love" star continued by saying that her time together with Ejercito felt like "hell," and that she considers their failed relationship to be her "biggest mistake." 

"Whatever reason you have for giving up, if you really love your child, anything should've been possible. Anything should be easy enough," claimed Eigenmann. "You had time. Why only now? Tell me, is this really about love or out of spite?" 

"You've been doing nothing but sit around as you watch your yaya do your job for you and you think you can be a better parent? Or was this court case not your decision too? Come on, grow a pair. This is why you lost me." 

Eigenmann concluded by telling Ejercito to be a better person, as she admits that her daughter loves him. 

"Shouldn't you know how important a mother is to a child? It has been years, and your first move as a dad is to take the child away from the mom to be raised by your yayas?" 

"You spent so much time trying to bring me down, now I guess it's just fair that I start questioning you. I could've ran away but I'm better than that. I also believed you are better than this."

"My child loves you. Don't be that person." 

In an interview with Pep, Ejercito said that he will be pushing through with the filing of the joint custody petition. 

He also criticized Eigenmann for making it look like they did not attempt to reach out to her. 

"Hindi aabot sa ganito na magpa-file kami ng case kung nakakausap siya nang maayos. We tried going through a lot of people," he said. 

"Actually, we started preparing for a case late last year pa but hindi naman itinutuloy kasi we’re hoping na mapag-usapan. So it's a bummer na pinapalabas nila na hindi ka marunong makipag-usap," he added. 


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Ejercito only admitted to being the biological father of Ellie last October, five years after Eigenmann gave birth.