How Zsa Zsa met Conrad Onglao


Posted at Apr 20 2014 02:05 PM | Updated as of Apr 20 2014 10:05 PM

MANILA – It was Sharon Cuneta who played cupid for veteran singer Zsa Zsa Padilla and renowned architect Conrad Onglao.

In an article written by the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Thelma Sioson San Juan, the two shared how Cuneta, whose house Onglao is building, played a key role in setting them up for a date.

More than a month ago, Onglao said he was asked by the veteran actress if she could set him up with her friend, who she did not identify at first.

Cuneta asked the same thing to Padilla, who also agreed saying she’s already tired of mourning. Padilla’s long-time partner, Philippine Comedy King Dolphy, died almost two years ago.

The two then met up for an early dinner in Makati one Sunday, which lasted for three hours. The article said the two couldn't recall much of what they talked about.

Despite this, Padilla and Onglao’s “blind date” was followed by two other meetings – within the same week.

“He’s good to me. He treats me well,” said Padilla.

Onglao, for his part, said he admires Padilla’s simplicity.

“She’s funny, witty, simple and so grounded. What I love about her is her simplicity and she’s never full of herself; it’s never it’s-about-me. A sense of selflessness. And we share values when it comes to family, career,” he said.

Before their first date, Padilla and Onglao admitted they did not know anything about each other and even had to Google each other before their first meeting.

Prior to Padilla, Onglao was married to interior designer Ivy Almario, with whom he has two sons. They were divorced in the United States and obtained a legal separation, and church annulment here in the Philippines.

Asked to describe their relationship, Onglao said, “The nice thing about getting older is you trust your gut feel.”

Padilla, for her part, said, “The past is past, I am in my present, but that’s been part of my life.”

The two have been seeing each other for a month and 15 days now.