5 reasons why Kris, Herbert make an ideal couple


Posted at Apr 13 2014 06:02 PM | Updated as of Apr 14 2014 02:02 AM

Herbert Bautista and Kris Aquino (Composite image)

MANILA – Who would have thought that in the age of “KathNiel,” “KimXi” and “AshMatt,” the moniker “KrisTek” will also make huge headlines?

This nickname was actually hatched when television host Kris Aquino confirmed on national television early this month that she and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista are indeed dating.

Many were surprised by the news that it was all over the social media sites on the night of April 7.

But on a more serious note, would anyone say that Aquino and Bautista make an ideal couple?

The Philippine Star’s Wilsoon Lee Flores believes so, and he listed down five reasons why.

1. “Kris and Herbert make media happy”

Both being among the top newsmaker in the Philippines, Flores thinks it is interesting for many people, as well as for the local media, to follow the two’s love story.

“Instead of non-stop pork barrel controversy or other problems, instead of so much dire news about our republic getting entangled in superpower rivalries or isle disputes, the emerging ‘KrisTek’ love story proves the Department of Tourism’s slogan is true: ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines.’ Smile, abangan ang susunod na kabanata,” Lee wrote in his column, which was published on Sunday.

2. “Kris and Herbert are genuinely good parents”

While they may have figured the news a couple of times for various reasons, Lee said no criticism against the two was ever published about the way they handle their children. Aquino has two sons, while Bautista also has two children.

3. “Herbert Bautista is an ideal political partner to Kris”

Although she has yet to announce her future plans, a lot of people believe Aquino will also venture into politics just like her parents and brother. If Aquino would one day become a national politician, Flores said she “would benefit from having an intelligent spouse who not only understands politics, but can ideally be her political partner and even confidant.”

As for Bautista, Flores noted his “positive public image as political leader” as well as his “political prowess to boost any future political plans of Kris.”

4. “Both Herbert and Kris have a sense of humor”

Lee said Aquino’s and Bautista’s “ability to laugh — even about themselves — not only helps endear them to the public; the ability to laugh at things will also help keep both of them happy as well as grounded.”

5. “KrisTek can prove that second or third chances in love are possible”

“Not a few people are dubious, claiming that their romance is just a blockbuster political alliance. However, the incurable romantic in this writer wishes them both well and I’m waiting to see if their quest for love will finally be possible this time around. Why not?” asked Lee.