How Megan achieved her sexy physique


Posted at Apr 05 2012 09:59 AM | Updated as of Apr 05 2012 07:49 PM

Actress-host Megan Young.
MANILA, Philippines – Following her first foray into the world of men’s magazines, actress-host Megan Young shared how she achieved the beach-ready physique that she flaunted on the cover of Rogue in March.

Young said it took a lot of dedication to “look good” for her sexy pictorial, at times to the point of crying because of body ache from training at the gym, and her unsatiated craving for her guilty pleasures.

She also advised against unhealthy abstinence from food as a way of losing weight; rather, eating “healthy portions” is key to getting fit, she said.

But she did single out some Filipino food staples she had to keep off her dining table.

“I wanted to look good, but I also wanted to be healthy at the same time. What I did was, I got a trainer, a super good trainer and he really helped me because I worked out everyday,” she said, speaking to ABS-CBN News.

“I was crying at the gym kasi sobrang sakit na ng katawan ko. I couldn’t eat like burritos, cake. But [I had] a healthy diet. I was still eating six times a day, healthy portions. I just wasn’t eating fried food, rice, sauces. I still had the good stuff. And it was hard, that change was hard, because it was a drastic change in my diet,” she shared.

Although the transition was challenging for her, Young focused on her goal to keep at her training.

“It’s something you really have to work hard for. It’s not something you just say, ‘Yeah, I’m going to work out, I’m going to diet.’ Kailangan talaga you have to dedicate yourself to it, and I was really dedicated to my goal,” she said.


And her dedication came into fruition. Young felt satisfied having gone past the drastic transition in her diet and daily exercise.

Although there were moments of temptation to cheat her fitness regimen, Young said she only had to remind herself of her goal.

“I took before and after pictures. Sobrang laki nung difference and it really made me feel good about myself,” she said.

“Even though I was crying because sobrang sakit na ng katawan ko from workout, na gusto ko na kumain ng isang plato ng kanin, I [still] stood by my goal. This is what I’m going to do, paninindigan ko na hindi pwedeng ‘yung patikim-tikim pa ng snacks,” she said.

Now with a magazine cover-worthy physique, Young only had to re-affirm her choice of men’s mag to pose for in her debut sexy cover.

“Even before, I always told myself, if ever I would pose in a swimsuit or anything like that for a magazine, it will always depend on the content of the magazine. With Rogue, it’s a men’s lifestyle magazine, so basically there’s more intellectual articles. ‘Yung laman ng magazine, ‘yun lagi ang importante sa ’kin. Because that’s what I’m selling. I’m selling that magazine,” she said.

“S'yempre magiging image ko na rin ‘yun, so being chosen as cover girl for Rogue, it was a big thing for me, because I see it as a very intellectual, smart magazine. And for them to trust me in endorsing that image, malaking bagay na ‘yun para sa ’kin.”