Kris updates fans on her 'wellness journey'


Posted at Mar 29 2016 03:18 PM

MANILA – Kris Aquino is keeping her promise to her supporters that she will update them on her “wellness journey.”

Aquino recently decided to temporarily leave showbiz to prioritize her health and spend more time with her family, especially her two sons.

Her morning show "Kris TV" aired its final episode last Wednesday.

Last week, Aquino posted on Instagram a picture of her, Joshua and Bimby inside a plane without disclosing their destination.

But her succeeding posts suggest that they are currently in Hawaii.


A video posted by Kris Aquino 🇵🇭 (@kriscaquino) on


A video posted by Kris Aquino 🇵🇭 (@kriscaquino) on

In one of her posts, Aquino shared that the three of them visited a plantation, where they unfortunately caught a bad allergic reaction.

In another post, Aquino revealed that they went to see the box-office hit “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

“I think I enjoyed even more than my 2 boys,” she wrote in the caption, adding that she is a huge Wonder Woman fan.

The three were also spotted by the beach. They also attended an Easter Vigil Mass which lasted for two hours, Aquino said.

In the last episode of her morning program “Kris TV,” Aquino promised her fans that she will definitely return to television after her break although she is still uncertain as to when this will happen.