Luis Manzano challenges haters to ‘prove yourself’


Posted at Mar 29 2012 07:47 PM | Updated as of Mar 30 2012 03:47 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Not one to shy away from a fight, online or in person, actor Luis Manzano addressed his "haters" on microblogging site Twitter, challenging them to criticize him to his face and not behind a computer screen.

Manzano, who has more than 1.1 million Twitter followers, is the latest of “celebritweeps” who have voiced out their opinion on the recent trend of online bashing against celebrities on the site.

“Ang sa ‘kin is if you can’t say it to my face – I think ‘yun ang stand ng every star – prove yourself na hindi ka lang matapang sa Internet, through a computer screen,” he said during an interview promoting his latest movie “Moron 5 and the Crying Lady.”

“My stand will always be patunayan ninyo ang tapang ninyo, hanapin niyno ako. Kung gusto ninyo magbugbugan tayo, OK lang sa ‘kin ‘yun, kaysa naman through a computer screen.”

On what keeps him tweeting despite his haters, Manzano pointed to his million-strong followers who continue to appreciate his craft as an actor and as a host.

“Ako I know what I’m capable of. Kita ninyo, ang mga haters ko, anong nangyayari sa kanila? Sila pa mismo nagagalit sa 'kin kasi ako pa mismo nakakabara sa kanila,” he said.

“For every one of my haters, I automatically get 20 followers who appreciate what I do, so the ratio na one is to 20, I’ll take that any time.”

Like Manzano, his father Edu has gotten his share of flak from tweeters. Most recently, Edu was criticized for tweeting an unconfirmed rumor about President Aquino being out on a date with radio personality Grace Lee. Edu immediately apologized for this, admitting he had made a mistake by posting hear-say.

Unlike his Twitter bashers, Manzano said his father at least had the courage to own up to his mistake.

“Not every man has enough balls to say sorry for a mistake. My dad made a mistake, he said sorry. Nagkataon lang na my dad posted something wrong, and he was man enough to admit his mistake. Not everyone has that courage,” he said.